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The Kitchen has been changed from its original 1922 configuration. When the house was built, the kitchen was considered to be a "Utility" room, certainly not a "destination" as is the fashion today. The original kitchen was quite plain - a long room with two small windows. In 1976, I expanded the kitchen by using a "bump-out" as found in Lewis plans for larger homes. Basically, the kitchen was widened and an open porch was brought "inside" to create a Breakfast Room. In order to get a reasonable workspace, a "niche" wall was constructed, as shown above. This permits the cabinets, stove and refrigerator to be arranged in the kitchen triangle shape that has been shown to be most efficient.

Bump-out in Lewis Catalogue    Bump-out used in the 1976 remodel    The Kitchen Triangle

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We'll start at the North (top of the diagram above) and work around the room clockwise (East, South, West...)

The North Wall

The North "Wall" is really a niche created to hold cabinets in the kitchen proper. This is fairly utilitarian, composed of a door to the living room and to the basement. Several autographed pictures are hung and there is a WE 500 Wall Phone. Several of our kitchen appliances are displayed on the space above the niche wall, including our Pressure Cooker, Wagnerware and coffee-makers.

Kitchen Niche wall    Kitchen Niche wall

Items in the "Niche"
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Moving into the Kitchen itself, we have displayed a fairly large array of our artifacts in the space above the cabinets.

North Display in kitchen

Display of Collection looking North

The North aspect of the cabinet tops holds many of our Vintage Toasters, including the Sunbeam T-9, and Toastmaster models, 1B2, 1B4, and 1B14. Other kitchen gadgets, like the Juice-O-Mat fruit juicer, the Penguin Ice Bucket and a variety of cocktail shakers are also shown. A package of "Panama" carbon paper is shown because it has a picture of a Martin Clipper on it. There are also flashlights, Mexican dolls, a Kentucky Derby glass, and toys on display. Our Roto-Beam air circulator (fan) sits on the refrigerator.

The East Wall

Kitchen East Wall

Kitchen East Wall

(Top) Montage of Collectibles on the East Range of Cabinets
(Bottom) East Wall as Seen From the Dining Room
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The East Wall is devoted to our collection of Coffee makers that illustrate every brewing technology, including hand-blown Silex vacuum rigs, Vesuvio espresso makers, percolators, drip brewers and Napoletana flip-tops. In addition, there are a variety of cups and saucers and a cream set from the Pennsylvania Railroad. The complete Saturn Punch Bowl is at the center of the display.

The South Wall

Kitchen South Wall    Kitchen South Wall Continued

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The South "wall" is merely an open pass-through between the Kitchen and the Breakfast Room. The left part is a bookcase. Our Chemex coffee brewers are displayed on the top shelf, along with a Mexican puppet, a Yerba Mate set, and an aluminum lunch pail that was used in a WWII defense plant. The shelves are also home to our cup collection. On the counter is the Hamilton-Beach Milk Shake Mixer, and Model 6 Blender. This is also the home of our Hobart coffee grinder that once was used in an A&P.We also have an Egg Cuber, something that we thought that we had all to ourselves until Rachael Ray used one on her program....

We have hung a variety of musical instruments over the doorway to the Breakfast Room, including a J. Chein Toy Drum, a ukelele signed by Casey MacGill, a French Horn, and a Clarinet.

The West Wall

Kitchen West Wall

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This is our "Wall of Fame" that displays autographed photos of all the bands that we like. Also, there is a Frankie Manning autographed page from the LIFE magazine article on "The Congaroos".

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