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If you have been reading our Collectibles Page, you might be wondering where we keep all of that junk. Recently, we did a house tour for a local charitable organziation, and have just now gotten around to putting these pictures up on the site.

I am certain that there are interior decorators out there who wil faint when they see our bizarre collage of artifacts from the Swing Era. If you are part of the "Less is More" crowd, you probably aren't going to enjoy this either, because the house is maddeningly cluttered. For this page, I have used the Editorial "we", but be certain - no other sane person would want to live here...

On the other hand, it's a nice place to relax -- because we're surrounded by things that have very special memories. You may wonder if we are "Pack Rats" but everything we have has been thoroughly researched and documented; we have restored all the appliances to 100% functionality and use them regularly. The reason that we have so much stuff is that there were a whole lot of noteworthy and beautiful objects made during the Swing Era!

Let's begin with the House, itself. Click Here if you want to skip the exterior and go right to the rooms.

Brief History

Welcoming text house tour   Drawing of Original Appearance

This has to go on the Internet, a sea full of sharks. Please forgive us for not posting the address or exterior photos

The Lewis Company

Lewis Homes Catalogue, 1922   Discussion of Manufactured Housing

Lewis Homes catalogue page for The Pasadena

What Was It Like In 1922?

Analysis of the cost   Original Building Permit

Although the cost analysis was done in 1993, the conclusion is the same in 2009

Elevations of the house in 1922

What Has Changed Since 1922?

List of Changes 1922-2009   Configuration in 2009

Want To Look At the Inside?

Detailed information on individual items is available through Hyperlinks

Where would you like to go next? (Click on a room.)

The First Floor

Go to the Living Room Go to the Hall
Go to the Dining Room Go to the Kitchen
Go to the Florida Room Go to the Breakfast Room

The Second Floor

Go to the Master Bedroom
Go to the Guest Bedroom Go to the Hallway
Go to the Library The Bathroom is not on the tour...
Go to the Office

The Basement

Go to the Basement Storage Area
Go to the Dance Studio Area
Go to the Shop

If you don't like clicking on pictures:

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