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NOTE That our Dance Friend, Terri Burroughs will be playing at the New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt on Tuesday

  1. Moonshine Rhythm Club at Glen Echo (Saturday, December 16,2017)
  2. The Rock-A-Sonics at Colvin Run (Friday December 15,2017)
  3. Patsy's Honky Tonk at Dietle's (Saturday, December 16,2017)
  4. Terri and the Ryhthm Cats at the New Deal cafe (Tuesday December 12,2017)
  5. OZ & The Revue at JV Restaurant (Sunday,December 17,2017)
  6. Sandra Dean at Hersheys (Friday December 15,2017)
  7. Retrospect at Towson (Friday,December 15,2017)
  8. Bad Influence at Hersheys (Saturday, December 16,2017)
  9. DJ Swing at Nick's (Wednesday December 13,2017)
  10. DJ Swing at the Butler Center (Tuesday,December 12,2017)

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    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Flying Down to Rio
    Fred and Ginger's first film

    go to the master list of Model Airplane News Covers

    Click to look at all the covers of Model Airplane News from 1929-1969.

    Air, Rail and Auto in the Swing Era

    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Jukeboxes

    The Technology of Music (Updated 01-15-2009)


    Swing Kids
    ----- the next generation of Swing
    Swing Pets
    ----- the pets that sit (and Stay!) home while we dance
    Vox Pop Photo Collection
    Photos of Typical Americans Taken Between 1935-1948


    This week, Click Here to listen to The Jitterbug Stroll as called by Steven Mitchell


    The Kay Kyser Site
    Randy van Horne Group
    They did the backup for the Hanna-Barbera Cartoons!!!
    Vocal Group Harmony
    Information about R&B vocal groups of the 30s, 40s & 50s
    Yiddish Themes in Swing
    Hit Parade 1938-1959
    NPR Special on Artie Shaw
    Reveille with Beverly


    Curt Teich Large Letter Postcards
    Virtual Tour of Classic Zen Gardens
    Cartoons from 1946
    W.P.A. Dance Posters from the 1930s and 1940s
    All about Trixie Firschke


    The Carl Spackler Resource page
    The Hedy LaMarr Resource page
    The Joan Crawford Resource Page
    Tribute to Maxie Dorf
    Hooray for Captain Spalding!
    Jim Kranyak's Swing Movie Site

    Pinups that Went to War


    Voices of World War II: Experiences from the Front and at Home (Upd 10-01-02)
    The Radio and Television Museum Bowie, Md (Upd 05-29-02)
    Official U.S. Navy specifications for 1943 WAVE Uniforms
    Everyday life in Britain in the 1940s (Updated 07-05-02)
    F.D.R. Living History Museum (Upd 05-29-02)
    Collectibles from the 1940s (Upd 05-11-05)
    Our Vintage Directory (Upd 01-10-05)
    Chrissy Hall's Vintage Shoe Page
    College Style -- in 1959
    How to Tie a Tie!


    Online Lindy Lesson taught by Chester Whitmore
    Dance Tutor on Line Pay site with instructional videos
    Lindy Hop History Link
    Balboa Basic Step (Upd 04-23-99)
    Lindy Steps Explained
    How to do Shim Sham (UPD 03-28-99)
    Amazing Lindy Puzzle


    Download Patriotic Posters
    Download a free American Flag Screen saver
    The University of Minnesota WW1 and WW2 Poster Collection


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