The Guest Bedroom

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Our philosophy has been to spare our guests the "density" of retro objects that we enjoy in the main living area. Accordingly, the Guest Bedroom is fairly "sparse". The wall was finished to look like old plaster by a technique called "ragging" that is discussed in our Faux Graining Page

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We'll start at the North Wall (top of the diagram above) and work around the room counterclockwise (West, South, East...)

The North Wall

Guest Bedroom North Wall    Ansonia Cannonball Bed

(right) Ansonia Brass & Copper Company "Cannonball" Bed
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The North Wall is completely bare, being almost totally consumed by the Ansonia "Cannonball" brass bed, so named for the large brass spheres that are finials for the pillars.

The West Wall

Guest Bedroom West Wall

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The West Wall is dominated by two large windows, a testament to the Lewis Company's desgins that assured plenty of light for each room.

A small table holds some items of interest, including: the small white plastic Meck Trailblazer table radio, a pair of Maracas given to us by the fabulous Peaches O'Dell, and a real live AMF regulation bowling pin.

A framed poster for Station Square in Pittsburgh is on the wall.

Framed poster for Station Square in Pittsburgh

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Station Square is an entertainment complex that reuses some of Pittsburgh's historic buildings. The subject of the poster is the old Pittsburgh and Lake Erie (P&LE) railroad station on the south side of the Monongahela River. At one time, when there were jobs in Pittsburgh, this was a bustling station. The problem with all these "festival marketplaces" or "adaptive reuse" is that they are a living witness to the fact that we don't make anything anymore in the United States. When commercial property situated near major rail and river traffic is most valuable as a restaurant, one might surmise that the consumer society has gotten just a bit out of hand.

Who knows - if the Chinese get any more prosperous, they might need some "festival marketplaces."

The South Wall

Guest Bedroom South Wall

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The South Wall is home to a very old side-locking chest in the Eastlake style. Atop the chest is the Diehl Fan and a collection of inkwells.

Needlepoint home swet home plaque

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The wall holds a framed needlepoint plaque that reads "Home Sweet Home." These were common items at the turn of the century and were sold as kits. This one is a particularly nice example.

The East Wall

Guest Bedroom East Wall

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The East Wall is quite bare because clearance for the bed prohibits hanging much there.

Painting of rocking chairs by Barbara Cox

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High on the wall is a watercolor by Barbara Cox, a local Cape May artist. The scene depicted is the stacking of rocking chairs at the end of the summer at the St. Mary's By-the-Sea retreat. The painting dates to 1984 and won a prize at the local art show.

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