Spring, 2003 Snapshots
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
Rain replaced the Snow and Cold!!!

May 2003

Here is the lovely Karyn Jarboe who celebrated a birthday on May 19. She is holding the celebrated Sophie the Wonder Dog.

Karyn and Sophie

Here is Dr. Ronald Wagstaff, recently elected president of Huxley College. We hear that he has recruited a couple of spectaclular football players for next season's Big Game against Darwin...

The Inimitable Professor Wagstaff

Our congratulations to David Seng who graduated from G-MU with highest honors (and the coveted Wall Street Journal Prize in Economics).

David Seng with Catherine and Collin

The Graduate's Cake

On the way to doing some vintage shopping at Another Time in Shrewsbury, Pa, we ran across this Smoky impersonator at a rest stop. Only you can prevent forest fires...

Elise, Karyn and Mark with a Smoky the Bear Impersonator

The Seductones

appeared at the Cowboy Cafe on Saturday, May 3. Once again, Dagmar and the gang set the house rocking

Doug and Ellen

Dagmar and the Seductones

April 2003

This from Chrissy Hall-Reis

" Michael and I had a fabulous time at Viva Las Vegas (VLV) and sight-seeing around town!! The hotels on the strip are fun and posh, even though the casinos are tedious. We also went through the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton; shuttle ride scared me the first time. And Quark's bar seemed like the real deal (with dry ice smoking out the drinks). 'VLV' was one of the best people-watching events--all the girls looked like Bettie Page with loads of tatoos. And the guys looked great, too.

Elizabeth and Jim Engel had their wedding vows renewed by an Elvis impersonator, which was as wacky as you might imagine. Vows comprised of snippets of Elvis lyrics... "

Chrissie at Luxor

Chrissie at Luxor

Chrissie at Quark bar

Chrissie with a Ferengi at Quark's Bar

Mike and karen

Karen Wilbrew and Mike Wanas

Elizabeth and Jim

Elizabeth and Jim renewing their vows

This from Ellen Engle: "These photos were taken Saturday when The Samoyed Rescue Society had a booth set up at the Old Dominion Kennel Club show in Leesburg. (The local Samoyed club hold a big specialty in connection with the ODKC/Leesburg shows every year)"

Samoyed Pup  Samoyed Pup

Ellen Engle with some Samoyed Puppies

The 8 Week Wonders with a 1954 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

Chris C
Christina Crerar sings at the Old Post Office

Roy Lichtenstein's House at the NGA Sculpture Garden

On April 6, we attended a vintage sale in a house in Mount Pleasant

Chrissy Hall-Reis

(l. to r.: Carolyn, Karyn, Tricia, and Chrissy

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