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The Seductones

The Seductones combine a new singer (Dagmar) with two of our local favorite artists (Dave Kitchen and Dave Elliott). Their rendition of Let's Have a party (on their website) comes from a demo tape given to us by the band. The tape was made at the Half Moon BBQ in Silver Spring. Unfortunately, the Half Moon, little more than a hole in the wall, puts live bands in a back room that has concrete walls and a concrete floor. You cannot fail to hear the effects of this room in the recording...

This is Dagmar, who fronts the group
She was formerly Andrea Brown of Juliet at the Rodeo

Our experience with the Seductones was at a rollicking evening at Griff's, a more-or-less authentic roadhouse in the grand Rockabilly tradition. Dagmar, and her band composed of Dave Kitchen (gtr), Bob "Newscaster" Swenson (gtr), Bryan Smith (bass), and Dave Elliott (drums), entertained the daylights out of us for three hours. We like to listen to them and we like to dance to their music!

Griffs,located at the far northern regions of Montgomery County, is quite an unusual place. A local wag described it as a place where the crowd was " 33% millionaires with horse farms, 33% bikers and 33% people who clean the stables of the other two thirds." We were impressed by the bar's eclectic decor -- fox hunting artifacts, Redskins memorabilia and 1950s burlesque lobby cards (Were women that heavy really considered sexy???)

I really think that the Seductones are an up-and coming band.

Let's Have a Party

Originally performed by Elvis Presley

Some people like to rock
Some people like to roll
But movin' and a groovin'
Gonna satisfy my soul

Let's have a party
Let's have a party
Send to the store
And let's buy some more
And let's have a party tonight

I've never kissed a bear
I've never kissed a goon
But I can shake a chicken
In the middle of the room


Now Honky Tonky Joe
Is knockin' at the door
Bring him in and fill him up
And set him on the floor


I feel it in my leg,
I feel it in my shoe
Tell me pretty baby
If you think you feel it too


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