Cowboy Cafe Night
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
The Rockin' Bones Natural Millieu

Hold the Presses!!!

Ed and Julie Day are pleased to announce the birth of their second child! Here's what Eddie had to say:"For those Swingers and Rock-a-Billy cats that may have started a pool on this, I have the following to report: This morning, at 8:46, a little girl was born to us who weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces, and is 21 and one half inches long. We have named her Elizabeth. Mom and Baby are doing fine, and are due home from Holy Cross Hospital soon!!"

The Bones
This is the IDEAL venue to see the Rockin' Bones

The Regulars
The "Regulars"
We have seen these folks every time that we have been to the Cowboy Cafe

Ed and Lurene
We were really glad to see Ed and Lurene out
Lurene had foot surgery and has been out for a few months

Slick Kitty
Slick Kitty and her "Other half"

Jim and Wendy
Wendy and Jim

Karen and Mike
Karen and Mike of Swing King Vintage

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We have often argued that the Cowboy Cafe South in Arlington is the ideal place to see the Rockin' Bones. We thought that some photos of the fun might help buttress the argument.

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