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How to Tie a Tie

Windsor or Bow, this guide --- reproduced from Esquire's 1959 Guide to College Style --- will help you out! HOWEVER if you prefer video, here is a good video of how to tie a Windsor Knot (the most common). If you want to experiment with other knots, try This Video. This really isn't hard - it just takes a little practice.

Tying the Tie from the 1959 Esquire Guide to College Style
Practice Makes Perfect!
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GENERALLY - if you are tying a contemporary tie, you'll want to use the Windsor knot. It is symmetric and makes a clean line with the collars in today's shirts. HOWEVER, if you are trying to tie a vintage tie from the 1940s, you'll have to use the half-windsor because the bulk of material would make a knot as big as your fist if you used the full Windsor. This also applies to those polyester ties from the 1970s. You should know how to tie a variety of knots because ties change in width just like womwn's skirts go up and down. Tie LENGTH has also varied. In the 1940s, ties were short, because pants were high-waisted. This came about because people were ultra-thin because they didn't get good nutrition during the Depression. High-waisted pants accentuated the shoulders. If you try to wear a 1940s tie with modern pants, you'll leave at least two buttons above the waist uncovered.

Here's a guide to ties for the discerning 1959 Collegian, aptly yclept "Fit to be Tied" Those skinny 1950s ties require the Full Windsor.

Guide to selecting Ties from the 1959 Esquire Guide to College Style
The "Little Devils" Tie would be highly collectible!
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If you want a .pdf (about 2.0 MB) of the full 1959 Esquire Magazine "Guide to College Style" (including the helpful graphics above), contact us. You can enlarge the drawing to your hearts content...

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