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From Esquire Magazine

The Stylish College Man, Circa 1959

Check out this checklist. Are you heading for College? Did you think that you might need 10 dress shirts and a box full of ties? In 1959, you would even go to class in a tie --- and use that Tuxedo at least once a week.
the cover
The Cover of the Style Manual

the Checklist

Don't forget the Steamer Trunk and your Pipe Rack!

the Checklist

Some of the guys in the "Joe College" fraternity next to mine actually did wear plaid pants!!!

the Checklist

When I was a Freshman, I actually went to a football gameand carried a pennant
I bought my date a Chrysanthemum
What a dork!

plaid pants

(below) Here is a group of all-white, non-ethnic College Men displaying their sweaters. From a historical perspective, I'm amazed that only one of them is smoking!


(below) People actually DID wear silly shirts with patches on the sleeves
very few played chess

(below) Here's that Tuxedo again
note that the dude is carrying a corsage for his date
Have your "Process Fabric" raincoat ready in case the weather turns bad

hats and shoes
yes, men wore Hats.
The cartoon says as much as the whole "Dress for Success" book

what goes with what
Here's your guide to color coordination.
I never owned anything in "Melon" nor did anyone else I knew
I learned how to pack a suit from this and it works...

complexion chart
If you were an African-American heading to College in 1959..
maybe there was a guide in EBONY for you...

Tying the Tie from the 1959 Esquire Guide to College Style
Here is how to tie a tie - it really works!
Click to double the image size

Panel on Ivy League Style
Here is a discussion of "Ivy League Style" featuring comments by Raymond Loewy, Charles Addams, Talullah Bankhead, and others
With final rebuttal by the President of Brooks Brothers
Click to triple the image size

If you want a .pdf (about 2.0 MB) of the full 1959 Esquire Magazine "Guide to College Style", contact us.

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