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Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
This is the Future!

The Next Generation

Here are some of the children of our dancers. We owe them a place of honor for two reasons: (1) they are Swing Dancing's future; and (2) they wait patiently with babysitters while we whoop it up on the dance floor.

In the years 2035 -2055, they will be able to say "That's Swing Dancing --- my parents used to do that!"

While we are delving into the future (say around 2050), let us picture the following:

  • Thomas Koerner III, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, holds an attorney in contempt for hogging the microphone during oral arguments.
  • Edward Devoney is appointed Secretary of the Treasury by President Elizabeth Day; he places Frankie Manning's portrait on the new $100 coin.
  • Justin Jarboe gets a job and moves into his own apartment in Adams-Morgan. (This is an "in" joke.)
  • Alexander Day is elected Chairman of the Board of the Sony-Mitsubishi-Honda-Al Akhbar Entertainment group and issues a Box Set Retrospective on the Rockabilly movement of the early 21st Century. It is bargain-priced at $3599.

We'd like to get an even clearer look into the future. Please feel free to send in YOUR kids' pictures! We'll make an educated guess at their future

Send Pix to:

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Without further ado, here are our Swing Kids

Carolyn and Tom Koerner

Tom and Debra are two of the DC area's most celebrated Lindy Teachers.

deb and Tom
Debra Sternberg and Tom Koerner

Tom and Debra are NOT married. Tom is happily married to Carolyn (neeBicsel) and they have one son, Thomas III. (Debra is happily married to Bobby Blankenberg.)

Tom and Carolyn
Carolyn and Tom Koerner, proud parents

Welcome Max Walter Koerner!!!

On Monday, August 26, 2002, young Max Walter Koerner was born, the second son of Tom and Carolyn. Here are some photos of young Max

Max and Carolyn, 1
Max and Carolyn, 1
Young Max Koerner and his Mom

Carolyn and Tommy
Carolyn and Tommy at the Beach

Tommy Sleeping
Tommy Sleeping at the Beach

Tom 'n' Tom
Thomas Koerner III and Thomas Koerner Jr.

Tom 'n' Tom
Let's see, Dad said if I want to score with this chick that I need to act REAL obnoxious.

Tom 'n' Tom
The Koerners at CCB

Pam Grosicki

Pam is another member of the Eight Week Wonders. Here she is with her sons, Kevin and Greg.

Pam and kids
Kevin, Pam, and Greg at Bop'N'Bowl IX

Marie and Dave Quidas

Here are Marie and Dave Quidas and their son, Nicky. Marie and Dave were part of Tom & Deb's original 1994 class of Lindy Hoppers. They won the Amateur Classic Lindy Hop division at VSO in in 1995 and 1996; they have been a part of the Lindy Scene ever since!

Pam and kids
Marie, Nicky, and Dave
at Fort Ward Park on Memorial Day, 2002

Hillary Cairnie

Hillary is yet another member of the Eight Week Wonders. He's an MIT graduate and a Lawyer with interests in international relations. Here he is with her sons, Daniel (6) and Cameron (3). Hillary says: "Corn on the cob will be a real challenge for Daniel this summer!"

Hillary and kids
at the P.G. Elks Performance

Hillary and kids
Daniel,Hillary,Cameron in Hawaiian Regalia

Catherine Bradley

Catherine is a relative newcomer, but her energy has brought a lot of notice; she and partner David Seng entered 8 VSO events!

David and Catherine
David and Catherine
Hillary and kids
(front) Colin, Seth (Back) Catherine, David

Libby Wightman and Keith Rocco

Libby and Keith just got ENGAGED! An August 2003 wedding is planned. This dynamic couple are very active in the swing, vintage and military re-enactment communities. They are also, respectively, the keyboards and guitar for the New Market band, Jump Alley. In real life, Keith Rocco is one of the nation's premier artists, specializing in military scenes from both the Napoleonic Era and the Civil war. Here is a photo of the Happy Couple at work:

Libby and Keith
Libby Wightman and Keith Rocco
Members of the band Jump Alleyregularly drive all the way from New Market
to attend dances here!

Oh yes, this is the "kids page" Here is a picture of keith with his "Baby" --- it's a spectacular 1939 Buick. believe me, this is a class ride!

Keith and His Car
Keith Rocco and his "baby"

Sue Fedor and Steve Devoney

Steve and Sue have been fixtures on the swing scene since 1995. Steve works for CSPAN and Sue actually runs the Treasury Department (O'Neill is just a figurehead). Sue and Steve live in Forest Glen with their son Eddie. In addition to dancing, they are part of an ongoing effort to preserve the incredible Forest Glen collection of buildings. Check out Save Our Seminary

Sue and Steve
Sue and Steve
Little Eddie stayed home...
while Mom and Dad won the dance contest at the 2002 Art Deco Ball

Sue Steve and Eddy
Steve and Sue
We wish that little Eddie had looked at the camera...

Sue, Eddy
Sue Fedor and Eddy

Julie and Eddie day

Julie and Eddie are behind the Rockabilly sensation Rockin Bones. Eddie is the lead singer and Julie is their business manager. They have two lovely children, Alex and Elizabeth.

By the way, the Bonz play at the legendary Cowboy Cafe on the second Friday of every month. Here is a photo of Dad at work:

The Bones
This is the IDEAL venue to see the Rockin' Bones

Julie writes "Just a note: Alex has terrific rhythm, and in the past two weeks I have started trying to teach him how to lead (I still get to lead on the spins!), and Elizabeth loves nothing more than dancing in Daddy's arms"

Alexander and Elizabeth, taken just in early March, 2002.

Lil and Arnold Taylor

Lil and Arnold are regular fixtures at DC Swing Dances. Arnold grew up in Rhode Island and mingled with the local Zoot Suiters (but was not one of them...) until he was drafted into the Army during WWII. Arnold served in the European Theater right after the Battle of the Bulge. After the war, he and Lil settled in the DC area where he had a distinguished (and Award-Winning) career as a photographer with the old Washington Star.

At the apex of his newspaper career, Arnold heard The Call and went on to become an Episcopal Priest, serving for more than 20 years as a pastor in Charles County; he is now Rector Emeritus (if you can put that on a family-oriented page)

In 1994, Arnold found his way into our Swing Scene and has become a regular fixture. You can always find him in the middle of things, particularly the Jam

Here is a photo of Lil and Arnold:

Arnold and Lil
Lil and Arnold

Arnold has gone from a country pastor to a swing dance celebrity. Here is a photograph of Arnold prior to the taping of a television program. As you can see, fame has not affected him in the least.

Arnold at BET
Arnold "Padre" Taylor and His Entourage

Below is a photo of Lil and Arnold's two daughters, Laura and Alice. The child at the far left is Laura, now a part-time mental health counselor in Carlisle, Pennsylvania (Part-time so she can devote time to raising Lil and Arnold's grandson Jacob). The child standing is Lil and Arnold's oldest daughter, Alice, now an editor with the World Wildlife Fund in DC.

Laura, Alice
Laura, Alice and Friends

There is also one other item of interest: at the left of the picture, you will note a radio-phonograph sitting atop a cabinet; a straw bag is atop the phonograph... This is of interest only because Arnold dug the thing out of his basement and brought it to us for restoration. Arnold writes: " The date is somewhere around 1960 and the place is our [old] home at 124 North Carolina Avenue, SE in DC. The Radio/phonograph was purchased after the Dodge Motor Company sent to each photographer at the Washington Star a promotional LP of Lawrence Welk playing some old favorites. The record I received was cracked. Although I had no phonograph player at the time, I sent the cracked record back with thanks. They sent me another one! I felt obliged to buy a player. We bought the blond outfit for $90 --- it was blond because most of our furniture at the time was blond, bought second-hand from a friend who was a copy editor at the Star." (Editor's Note: $90 in 1960 is about $900 in today's dollars -- at that time, a New Volkswagen Beetle cost $700. You can follow the restoration of this classic item on our Collectibles Pages)

Ed Fei

Ed is yet another member of the Eight Week Wonders. Ed also plays tennis and has a sailboat (we hear). Ed also has a Daughter --- her name is Evonne and, well, um, er... we were stunned. The only problem is that once this photo gets out, Ed can't hit on 19 year olds anymore. We certaily hope that Ed brings Evonne to more events.

Ed adds this: "I don't hit on 19 year olds. I do hit on ladies who are 19 years younger than me though..."

Ed and Evonne
Ed Fei and his LOVELY daughter, Evonne

Barbara Brannan

Barbara is one of the founding members of the Eight Week Wonders. She does all kinds of dancing beside Lindy and can always be counted on to be one of the best dressed ladies in the room. She also has a wonderful family at home.

Barbara and Randy
Barbara and Randy
Randy is her Dance Partner

Dalton Brannan
There isn't anything more that a mother likes to do that impose pictures of her kids on everybody.
So, here is my first-born, Dalton Brannan, age 5, making muscles in the bathtub.
He is a darling little maniac.

Brooke Brannan
"Here is my daughter Brooke and me
at her 3rd birthday party (mid March, 2002).

My photographer dad is hooked on B&W, so no color!
She is the most precious little girl in the whole world
(Ok, I'm a little biased!)"

Karyn Jarboe

The lovely Karyn Jarboe is my dance partner. She has two sons, Justin and Kevin.

Here is Justin and his Mom
on High School Graduation Day

both sons
(l. to r.)This is Kevin with Sophie

Sophie and justin
Justin and Sophie
This mixes Pets and Kids

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