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Austin Entry

Austin, Texas

July 29, 1999

From: Karin

Hi --
I'm the secretary and webmistress for the Austin Swing Syndicate, a newly-formed club devoted to the care and feeding of the Austin, TX lindy hop and swing dance scene. We host all-ages dances on Thursdays (free for members, $3 for non-members), and generally find as many ways to organize dancing as we can. Check out the website of the Austin Swing Syndicate

As far as the Austin scene goes, there's not much I can add to the missive from Mike Fischer that's already on the Jitterbuzz site. In any case, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

By: Mike Fischer (Yow!)

I'm writing from Four on the Floor. We teach Lindy Hop and swing in Austin and San Antonio Texas. We also have a web site that covers the local scene with an events calendar and dance tips.

Austin lies at the crossroads between country music, the latin beat, and the swing revival of the West Coast. The swing dance scene in Austin reflects that variety. It also reflects the energy of what has been called "The Live Music Capitol of the World."

When you hit town check out the weekly Austin Chronicle for music listings. The Austin360 is also a good source. Four on the Floor offers a web site with a monthly swing music schedule. It may be the most accurate, as many of the local bands know to call the site and add last minute changes.

There are a few clubs in Austin to keep an eye on. The Caucus Club (912 Red River, 512-472-2873) has a strong swing and jazz lineup, and is planning to have its dance floor expanded by March of 1998. The Carousel (1110 E. 52nd, 512-452-6790) also features swing bands, and is worth the trip for the surreal decor alone. The Ritz Lounge (320 E. Sixth, 512-474-2270)  has an elegant retro look and often hosts some very dancable bands. Finally, Ego's (510 S. Congress, 512-474-7091) is an intimate, colorful lounge that hosts a fair share of swingable acts. If you need some dance pointers, head on over to one of Four on the Floor's lessons. They teach Lindy Hop and basic swing in various locations across town.

Austin's vintage clothing scene is very active, and prices are good. Check out Blue Velvet, Flipnot ics, or Amelia' s. The music selection at W aterloo Records is amazing, and they have listening stations.I also like Duval Discs (4101 Guadalupe St., 512-459-0737) for its huge used CD selection.

Anyone who needs some more pointers on the swing scene in Austin should write us at Four on the Floor we'd be happy to help out.

If someone in DC has a free weekend, we'd love to have them come and visit!

Also, check out these other sites in Austin

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Bartlesville Entry

January 8, 2002

Tulsa Entry

Visit Tulsa as well as Bartlesville...


I read your email about dancing in Bartlesville, OK. If you are ever in the area again, come visit our new dance club in Tulsa called Zoots Motion Cafe. Swing dancing is every Saturday night from 8:30-2:00. Most dance East Coast or Lindy, with a little West Coast. We are located at 48th and Peoria. Take I-44 and exit North on Peoria. Go north about 3 blocks and it is on the West side of the road on the NW corner.

Barbecue and a Small Amount of Dancing in Bartlesville, OK
By: Frank Morra

In April of 1997, I made a trip to Bartlesville, Oklahoma for Business [you don't need to hear about that part]. I stayed at the Phillips Hotel (821 S. Johnstone St, 918-336-5600) which has surprisingly first class amenities for a small town like Bartlesville. They have very good breakfasts, and their homemade biscuits should not be missed.

For lunch, I was indeed fortunate to dine at Dinks Pit Barbecue (918-335-0606.) Normally, I don't eat much meat, but at Dinks I'll make an exception. They may have some of the best smoked brisket in the world, featuring the Southwest Texas recipes and techniques of the legendary "Uncle Sam" Evetts of Uvalde, Texas. They have an immense smokehouse where the back and they practice the gentle art of smoking meat with the greatest of care. My partner and I always get comments when we wear our yellow "Dinks" tee shirts to a dance; plus, I always have my morning coffee from a Dinks mug that dates back to 1976. This place is worth a drive.

In the evening, as is the custom in the Tulsa oil business (sounds like ""bidness" there) my clients and I adjourned to Jamil's (2833 E. 51st St, 918-742-9097) in Tulsa. This is a totally unique place (except for their branch in Dallas). The building is low and squat, made of cinder blocks. There is no front door---you enter by a door next to the kitchen. The place is always full from 5:00 pm until 3:00 am. The walls are covered floor to ceiling with autographed photos of everyone - sports stars, politicians, entertainers, astronauts -- you name it. The staff never turns over--the headwaiter remembered me by name and I haven't been there since 1989. You are guided to a table and the waiter immediately brings you a relish tray, pita bread, hummus and tabouleh. After a while, he brings a plate of stuffed cabbage. Then he brings a big basket of smoked ribs and lebanon bologna. Then he brings a very large tossed salad. Then and only then does he ask you for your order. (the aforementioned being the "appetizer") Steaks at Jamil's start at 22 ounces and go up to 44 ounces (bigger if you're hungry). A giant platter of shoestring fries accompanies your steak. If you eat everything, they will give you another. They also have some fish (I had a big catfish). The price of this extravaganza is $14.95. No wonder the place is always full.

After eating this and driving back to Bartlesville, I went to the Downtown Lounge. I even wore my saddle shoes. Lo and behold, there was one couple, Tom and Evie, who had not only seen Lindy Hop but also had even taken a few lessons. I begged permission to dance with Evie to a country swing song. The place came to a dead stop. If we had done aerials, we would have been put on the Bartlesville City Council. I gave out the website address to the inevitable questions of "What is that?" and "Where did you learn it?". My work will take me back in a few months and I'm going to bring my partner. I can only say that the good folks at the Downtown Lounge were exceptionally warm and friendly--and we all stood and raised our glasses (mine with diet Coke...) as the band played "Okie from Muskogee" as its finale. Oklahoma, like Sicily, gets a bad rap--it's much nicer when you go there than when you hear about it.

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Colorado Springs Entry
Colorado Springs Entry

Colorado Springs, Colorado
By: Erin Parker


Indigo Swing is headlining at the Colorado Music Hall in Colorado Springs, Colorado, February 15th. This is a first for the Springs. It will be a huge event with an awesomely huge dance floor. Everyone is hugely excited. Tickets are available at TOONS (see below). (Colorado Music Hall 2475 E. Pikes Peak Ave. 719-447-9797)


Rev2 is the finest for vintage wear in the Springs, with reasonable prices and often changing stock. The people there are wonderful. (Rev2 403 N. Tejon St. 719-635-4944)

Even the Goodwills and Salvation Army have great stock, however, because the scene is still in its infant stage here. You can find some fabulous deals on things that would cost 10 times as much in the specialized vintage stores of Denver.


Toons Music has the largest swing section of any record store in town. Unlike many stores the section is separate from other stock and they carry every available title under the sun. They will even special order stuff if they are out of it with no extra charge. (Toons 802 N. Nevada Ave. 719-632-8410)

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New Mexico Entry

Albuquerque, New Mexico
From: Doug Elerath
June, 2000

All are welcome at the New Mexico Swing Dance Society's dances in Albuquerque!

Nearly every Saturday (we get kicked out 1-2 times/year and/or shut down as too many us are on vacation (like 12/25/99 and 1/1/00), 7:30-8:30pm beginning East Coast/Jitterbug lesson, then open dancing 8:30-11pm. $5 covers lesson, dancing, refreshments. Generally there is also a Beyond Beginning Lindy Series happening, 6-7:30pm, $12 drop-in fee.

Also, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month- dance practice, 7:30-9:30pm, $2.

We rent a beautiful 2,500 square foot floated hardwood floor at the Lloyd Shaw Dance Center, 5506 Coal SE.

Our music is carefully chosen and pre-recorded on minidisc. Our focus is Lindy, but we also play tempos to facilitate East Coast/Jitterbug.

Easiest way to get to our : website.

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Dallas Entry


Editor's Note: There are a number of websites devoted to swing dancing in Texas. We know that Texas is a big place and that Houston and Austin are nowhere near Dallas, but we're listing the site here, anyway.

There are also some Texas clubs without (gasp!) websites:

  • Austin Push Club 9307 B Kempler Drive Austin, TX 78748-6070
  • Austin Swing & Push 6101 Twin Ledge Cove Austin TX 78731-3525
  • Heart of Texas Whip Dance Club PO Box 200173 Austin, TX 78720-0173 This group gives lessons on Wednesdays at Murchison Jr. High from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, with a new series of lessons starting every month. They also meet various days of the week for recreational dancing at various clubs around town. Call their recorded hotline: (512) 404-9881 for details.

Lindy in Dallas
(January 29, 2002)
By: Rachel Blacketer

Hey Frank,
Okay, I've been threatening for a while to send an updated list of places and events for Dallas, and it has finally just gotten to the point I'm going to have to update; it's grown so much. This should be everything, and is _very_ up-to-the-minute. ;)

Every Monday night (through July 2002 for sure), the Carey Richards Orchestra plays the Sambuca Jazz Cafe in Addison. It's all ages, no cover, and a free dance lesson is taught by Ramiro Gonzales -- "Ramiro" as he is known worldwide -- at 8:00 p.m. The band starts about 7:30 p.m. and plays a great big-band sound until 11:00 p.m. The crowd is a mix of new-age lindy hoppers and old-school ballroom-types.

Tuesdays is the Southside Preservation Hall (a.k.a. Swing Castle) in Fort Worth. The venue is actually an historical church complex that a local group is in the process of restoring. The dance hall features a newly refinished hardwood floor with a stage and plenty of room to dance. Tuesdays are DJ'd swing nights, but once a month, Swing Castle hosts a live band. Cover is $3 and it's all ages. The crowd is mainly new-age swing dancers, but it's a cool place to bring the grandparents, as well (mine enjoyed it).

No one can miss Wednesdays at "Sons," or Sons of Hermann Hall. J.B., the most awesome swing DJ in town, spins swing, jump blues, rockabilly, R&B, and just about anything you can think to request -- he's got everything. Cover is $5 and it's also all-ages. The venue is another historical spot....the dance floor is my absolute favorite hardwood in Dallas, located upstairs in this Deep Ellum landmark. There is usually a dance lesson, and the instructors are rotated every few weeks to give beginners different flavors and styles. Sons is always a good time. Be warned: it doesn't really get hopping till around 10:00 p.m., so don't schedule any early-morning appointments for Thursday.

I've had a lot of people ask me, so I'll address it now: swing at the Red Jacket on Thursday is DEAD AND GONE. The Jacket was one of the first to hosts a regular swing night, and their Thursday nights became famous, especially during the Summer of the Gap Commercial. Well, they finally figured out that dancers don't drink much alcohol, so they nixed swing night once the commercial appeal faded. Oh well, their loss. (It was a bad dance floor anyway.)

The first Friday of each month, Buddy's Big Band plays the Swing Castle in Fort Worth (a.k.a. Southside Preservation Hall....see "Tuesday nights," above). All ages with a $10 cover. Dress snazzy. Also on Friday, the Dallas Swing Dance Society usually hosts a "Swing on a String Dance." This is a nice group of dancers. The event is usually held at the Dallas Opera Rehearsal Center (a.k.a. "The DORC") or the Sammons Center for the Arts. Check for up-to-the minute details.

Saturdays, DSDS usually hosts another dance. Again, check the website for details.

Dallas usually gets some kind of act come through on Saturday nights, like Big Daddy Alright or Elvis T. Busboy. The best possible person to ask what's going on is J.B. Castaneda (Sons' Wed. night DJ, see above). His e-mail is . If you plan on coming out on a Saturday, he's the guy to ask because his ear is always to the ground (when he's not dancing, that is).

Here are a few addresses:

Sambuca (Addison location)
15207 Addison Road

Sons of Hermann Hall
3414 Elm Street (in Deep Ellum)

Southside Preservation Hall (a.k.a. "Swing Castle")
1519 Lipscomb Street
Fort Worth, TX

Now y'all have no excuse for not coming to Big D!
Hope to see ya soon.

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Denver Entry

Vintage Denver
By: Susan Cana

For your list of vintage/retro clothing stores, I can give you some of the BEST in Denver:

  • Boss Unlimited 301 E. 57th Avenue, Denver, CO, 80216 (303)-296-2677. Ron and Cynthia Wright own this awesome store, they have a huge selection of shoes and dresses. Their store is very organized, so if there is a certain genre that you are looking for (i.e., western wear, Cheong-sams, cocktail dresses, bowling shirts) you can most certainly find it here with the greatest of ease. During the Rock-and-Rhythm-billy festival that was here in July (where we had people from all over the globe here for Rockabilly music), Boss was a big favorite to go to. Ron and Cynthia also own a pair of Vintage Levi's, worth $30,000. (!) They're really nice, lot's of fun to hang out with and they love Indigo Swing as well!
  • Rave's Uptown Antiques 3201 E.Colfax Ave. Denver CO (303)-333-5987. The woman who owns this wonderfully charming and eclectic store is named Raven. Unfortunately, there's not a lot where men's clothing goes (though she will get that one VERY unique and priceless cool piece on occasion), her selection for women's vintage clothing is unparalleled. Most of my dresses have come from her shop, all of which receive more praise and compliments than any of my other vintage dresses. And she's very nice as well, has an adorable old golden retriever (named Bob) in the store and a great clientele that makes your shopping experience than much more fun. Her prices are a lot more reasonable than a lot of other places a well!

Other places are in Denver as well, but I don't have all the details on them (being away from a Coloradan phone book does not help) but they are all pretty cool too:

  • Neptune's (Denver)
  • American Vogue --women's (Denver)
  • American Aces -- men's (Denver)
  • Clothes Encounters (Boulder)
  • Celebrity Vintage -- (Denver)


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Las vegas Entry

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Flamingo in the 1950s
Here's Buggsy Siegel's Creation --- The Flamingo

Lindy in Las Vegas
(July, 1998)
By Zoe Heller

Here's my report on the Las Vegas scene for the travel guide.

So you're planning a trip to Las Vegas? Well pack your two-tones along side the rolls of nickels because Vegas has been bitten hard by the jitterbug! Here's the haps as of late spring 1998, all subject to change, of course.

Fashion First

Now, I won't admit to watching Seinfeld, so lets just say that someone TOLD me about the Visa ad featuring Las Vegas vintage shop The Attic. After spotting the sign in the window announcing a $1 admission fee per person (credited towards purchase, thankfully) my hopes and suspicions were on high. Shielding my eyes from the selection of 60's and 70's polyester nightmares and being abused by the scary Mexican techno noise I managed to ask a member of the sales staff if they had any 1940's rayon dresses. The salesperson, who was also wincing at the noise, sent me upstairs to the second floor where, low and behold, racks of 1940's-60's frocks were patiently waiting. The Attic also carries a nice selection of vintage menswear, along with kitchy housewares and vintage furniture. There was even the suggestion of a coffeeshop in the back. Now if they'd only do something about that noise. (1018 S. Main St.,, (702) 388-4088)

Sean, one of the very sweet salespeople at The Attic, directed me to Valentino's Zootsuit Connection, and thank goodness! Valentino's is one of those more-pricey and better-stocked stores that's best to visit after you've won big at the casinos. If you're a fellow looking for a custom zootsuit, this stop is a must. They offer rentals, custom zoots, memorabilia, collectables and "Theme Party Rentals." Did I mention that a fellow in a sharp zoot is irrestistable? (906 S. 6th St., Suite B, (702) 383-9555)

From Valentino's, you'll want to cruise Charleston Boulevard to visit the rest of Las Vegas's vintage clothing Strip. To the east are Our House and The Purple House. Both shops are small in size and limited in selection, but worth a visit. (Our House: 1639 E. Charleston, (702) 384-4748, Purple House: 1647 E. Charleston, upstairs, (702) 387-7818) To the west used to be Paul's Boutique, but all that's left now is a nifty mural and a storefront for rent. Retro Vintage Couture, like Valentino's, offers upscale threads as well as rentals. (906 S. Valley View, between Charleston and Alta, (702) 877-8989)

Learn the Ropes

Scott Shea is Las Vegas's own fearless guide into the wilderness of Lindy Hop steps. Catch him for basic lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio Monday evenings (Runnin' Rebel Plaza, 4550 S. Maryland Pkwy at Harmon, (702) 798-4552) or for aerial workshops on Sunday afternoons. To contact Scott for locations, dates, times and fees, call (702) 650-5275.

Cutting a Rug

The premier Las Vegas swing party each week is Wednesday evening 7-10pm at the Hard Rock Cafe, Hotel, and Casino. With a $10 cover that includes two martinis and dancing poolside under palmtrees, this is my idea of tropical paradise. The Hard Rock also hosts swing bands during the week, so be sure to check their schedule. If you're still jumping and jiving, Mugzy's Revenge at The Hop is the way to go: "No pool, just cool, no cover, cheap booze, huge dance floor" (The Hop: 1650 E. Tropicana).

Thursdays at The Beach, Las Vegas's own Jump, Jive & Wail covers everyone from Louis Prima to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and boasts the most devilish & dandy trombone-playing front man to ever haunt my dreams.... (The Beach: Convention Center Dr. & Paradise Rd., (702) 731-1925)

Be on the lookout for Las Vegas's other local swing band, Uncle Sugar and the Sweet Daddies. But don't ask Uncle Sugar for his business card unless you're over 18.

If rockabilly's more your thing, you'll want to visit Rockabilly's Dancehall at 3785 Boulder Hwy. Find out about future swinging sock hops and rockabilly bops at atslikeus.

So if you're heading west, Las Vegas is the cheapest way going to check out west coast swing bands, catch a little gambling, and soak up that Nevada sunshine. See you on the Strip!

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Phoenix Entry

Phoenix, Arizona

Petrified Forest
Visit the Petrified Forest while you are there...

[Editor's Note: Here is a list of regular swing events in Phoenix]

  • Start by checking out the website of the Arizona Lindy Society
  • ..or, the Arizona Swing Network
  • The Greater Phoenix Swing Dance Club: Introductory dance lessons 5 to 7 p.m. Sunday; open dancing 7 to 10 p.m. Sunday. Moose Lodge, 4501 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix. Admission: $4 for members; $5 for non-members.
  • Hepcats: various organized parties. Call 661-9932 for upcoming events.
  • Kings of Pleasure in concert. Featuring free dance lessons in swing and Lindy Hop. 7 p.m. Friday at the Safari Resort, 4611 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale. Information: 661-9923.
  • Sunday Swing Night at the Cajun House, 7117 E. Third Ave., Scottsdale. Information: 945-5150. Swing night is Sunday only. Dance lessons from 7:30-8:30, band plays from 8:30 to around 11. This restaurant serves Cajun food and was built to look like a street in New Orleans (but it is air conditioned). According to The Arizona Republic it "could almost be a scene from Mardi Gras circa 1941".
  • The Rockin Horse Saloon (7136 E. Stetson Scottsdale, Arizona 602-949-0992) Swing dance lessons every Monday at 8:00 pm Instructors: Paul Maranto & Lacey Maynard. Live swing music by local and national acts.
  • Bobby McGee's (7000 E. Shea, Scottsdale Arizona 602- 998-5591) Swing dance lessons every Tuesday at 8:00 pm. Instructors: Steve Conrad & Lacey Maynard. Live swing music with local bands.
  • The Bash (5th Street & Ash Tempe, Arizona 602-966-8200 Swing dance lessons every Wednesday at 8:00 pm Instructors: Paul Maranto & Lacey Maynard. Live swing music from local and national acts.
  • Anderson's Fifth Estate (6820 E. 5th Avenue,Scottsdale Arizona 602-994-4168 Swing dance classes every Thursday at 8:00 pm Instructors: Paul Maranto & Lacey Maynard Live swing music with The Swingtips.
  • West Coast Swing lessons: Beginning lessons 7 to 8 p.m. Mondays; intermediate lessons 8 to 9 p.m. Mondays. A Touch of Class Dance Studio, 4836 N. 16th St., Phoenix. $8 per lesson. Information: 942-2907.

Dancing in Phoenix
By: Cameron Sellers

The two trade marks of the lindy hop scene here in Arizona is vintage and Daddy Os (or Lounge lizards). The people here would make Frank proud. The Lindy Hoppers dress in vintage, ranging from 1930s to 1950s. However, many other persons were dressed in vintage but chose to sit at the bar and watch the dancers. It was the first place that I have been where the Daddy Os out numbered the dancers. It was kind of weird. One had this feeling of being constantly watched and scruntized.

For my second lindy experience here in the Valley, I headed for the Rockin Horse Saloon located in the heart of Scottsdale not that far away from the Cajun House. The Rockin Horse Saloon is exactly what it sounds and it looks like it too. The place definitely intends to cater to the country western crowd except on Monday nights.

Monday nights the place is crowded with lindy hoppers and daddy Os. As I entered the place wearing my grey suit, red suspenders, and vintage tie (I definitely wanted to make a statement that I did not come to this watering hole to square dance), a local cowboy was complaining about having to pay a $5.00 cover charge.

The dance floor was small but considering only the fourth of the crowd danced anyway, there was a lot of dance space. The band sounded great. Someone said the band was Jazz Blues, but they sounded rockabilly to me. They were a cross section of Swing Speak and Rockin Bones. They played until midnight so I had three hours of dancing.

I met the core group of Lindy Hoppers and in many ways they have the same attributes as us. The people may be different but the personalities are the same. I met Jody who has been dancing Lindy for three years. He was king of vintage, reminded me of Dr. Daniel or Frank. I danced with one young lady who had the same dancing style as Anne Baily. The female instructor, Lacey M., reminded me allot of Carolyn B or Aunt Deb. She has been dancing only for a year and she is already a pro. The male instructor definitely had the personality of Tom K. I danced with a girl named Kirstin who could pick up new steps as easily as Carla and Kris. Laura who is originally from Clifton, VA reminded me of dancing with Sherri Harris and Bernedette. I met a few guys who looked and talked just like Brian, Jeff, and Ryan. There was even a Ballroom instructor turned lindy hopper who reminded me of Steve.

I was bummed to learn that the holidays had cancelled the rest of the lindy hop nights. So my Arizona lindy Hop night lasted two nights, but the two nights here gave me an impression that the movement will be around for awhile. I had lots of fun.
---Cameron Sellers

Places to Dance in Phoenix

  • Sunday, Cajun House, Scottsdale 8:00 to 11:00pm 602-945-5150
  • Monday, Rockin Horse Saloon, Scottsdale 9:00pm to 12:00pm 602-949-0992
  • Tuesday, Bobby McGee's, Scottsdale, 8:00pm to 12:00pm 602-998-5591
  • Wednesday, The Bash, Tempe, 8:00pm to 12:00pm 602-966-8200
  • Thursday, Anderson's Fifth Estate, 8:00pm to 11:00pm, 602 994-4168

Arizona Lindy Hop Society

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Santa Fe Entry

Report From Santa Fe
By: Diane Carroad & Michael Mandel

We recently returned from a week in Santa Fe and Taos which we wholeheartedly recommend for the beauty, fresh air, natural wonders, and peace, but not necessarily for the night life! In a "Best of Santa Fe" list we picked up, the authors apologized for the lack of nightlife entries. We did look up several places but ended up practicing in my cousin's living room to the awe of my relatives. However, if others head westward, here are some suggestions which our schedule didn't allow: La Fonda Hotel in the Santa Fe Plaza -- a fantastic hotel done up in southwestern/Spanish style which features a variety of live bands with an emphasis on latino -- good for salsa, mambo, etc. (Note that the La Fonda Hotel in Taos does NOT have such dancing at all.)

Rodeo Nights (which Michael calls Radio Days!) near the Ramada apparently features country and western dancing. We called a dance studio (located via Yellow Pages) -- we forget the name but it's one of about only three in Santa Fe and has a large graphic on the page -- located near that same Ramada -- real friendly guy invited us to their dance party with tapes/DJ but we couldn't make it. We did, however, make it to the Taos pueblo (where Taos Indians still live on the reservation sans elec/running water), Taos galleries and shops, Governor Bent's museum (he was scalped in one of several revolutionary uprisings in the late 1800s), Bandalier Monument (amazing pueblo ruins - highlight of the trip), Los Alamos (quite a juxtaposition to Bandalier!), Santa Fe Plaza, shops, museums as well as Michael's favorite -- Atomic Cafe, white water rafting on Rio Grande (level III but still fun -- surrounded by garnet-laden rocks), and even tennis!
--- Diane Carroad

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New Orleans Entry

New Orleans, Louisiana

February 1, 1999

From: Dennis & Becky Owens

We just got back from New Orleans and found a few other places to dance. I thought I would pass on the info.

  • The Max, 2501 N. Woodlawn Ave. 504-885-1677, Thurs. night swing with live band. This bar seemed a little seedy from the outside but we found that the everyone was very nice and very receptive (curious) to Lindy.
  • Pierre Maspero's Mambo Swing Club, 536 St. Louis St. 504-524-8990. We danced at this club on Sat. night until 3 A.M. to the Chip Wilson Swing band, they were great! Nice dance floor as well.
  • Levon Helm's Classic American Cafe, 300 Decatur St., 504-592-2582 Call for info.

One more note, there is a great website for info on the music scene (dance) in New Orleans. The address is, just go to the entertainment section then look under music scene.
---Dennis & Becky Owens
Richmond, Va

Please try the following, as well:

  • New Orleans Swing Dancers, 504-242-0452
  • Mardi Gras Invitational, 504-525-3537
  • New Orleans Whip Dance Club, 504-738-3092
  • also, look up:
  • The Fat Cat Club, 505 Gretna Blvd, Gretna, LA 70053

When you are there, try to get to Mother's (on Poydras) for lunch; after dancing head for the Cafe Du Monde for coffee and beignets.

As you walk through the streets, you will be approached by street hustlers. This is their favorite scam:

  • Hustler: I'll bet I can guess where you got those shoes.
  • Mark: OK. I'll take that bet (WRONG!!!)
  • Hustler: You got them on your feet.

What you should say is: "shoot - any damn fool can see I got them on my feet."

Have fun. You actively have to work at finding bad food in New Orleans! If you have a choice, Carole and I favor the St. Louis Hotel (French Quarter, 504-581-7300). They and their sister, the St. Marie have a lot of the old-time flavor (they are built around an atrium) They are slightly seedy but safe, relatively inexpensive and they have government rates.

Enjoy enjoy. Lassez les bon temps roller!

November 13, 1998

By: Mark Kleinpeter

I saw your review of New Orleans, and I thought that I could update it a little. The Swing Scene has picked up here in N'awlins. It is a very mixed bag, older crowd mixed in with twentysomethings and some teenagers. Despite the huge Jazz and Blues influence here, there are not a lot of "Swing Bands" per se. There are a couple of local bands that mainly play swing nights around the city and occasionally an out of town band will be booked. There are also numerous brass bands which will play swing nights at some places.

Anyway, here is a list of places which feature a Swing Night.

  • Monday- The Red Room (it is usually pretty crowded now, Just celebrated their 1yr anniversary), (504)528-9759, located at 2040 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, 9pm.
  • Tuesday and Saturdays - Mid City Lanes Rock'N'Bowl, Swing Night featuring Johnny Angel and the Swingin Demons, (504)482-3133, 4133 S. Carrollton Ave. New Orleans, 9 pm.
  • Friday - Le Pavilion Hotel, 833 Podryas, New Orleans, (504)581-3111, call for details.
  • Usually, The House of Blues has a popular swing band every month (Bryan Setzer, Royal Crown Revue, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, etc.)
  • Sometimes, other clubs will have swing bands. The Gambit Weekly has listings of weekly events.

Thank you for the great website.

April, 1998

A Brief Tip
By: Jim Rees

There is a new place called the Red Room in the Garden District that seems to have swing dancing Monday nights. I went there the second or third week they were open and it was pretty dead, but maybe it will pick up with time. They have a band and the place is very elegant (and expensive).

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Longhorn Entry

Houston, Texas

From: Dan Wallach
July 27, 2000

Houston has a happening Lindy scene, but the venues seem to change every couple months. For example, Club Picasso was chosen as the best swing dancing venue by the Houston Press and then promptly closed. To get the latest and greatest info, your best bets on the Web are:

We are informed that since Dan wrote his blurb he has married and has a lovely daughter, Nina. Congratulations, Dan!

The Houston Swing Dance Society and the Rice Social Dance Society sponsor occasional big events (workshops, dances) as well as weekly classes and DJed dancing. SSQQ, a local dance studio, also has a DJed swing practice night that the Lindy crowd sometimes attends.

If you're looking for West Coast Swing, the local version is called "Whip". Some links:

If you're looking to buy vintage clothes, Houston is apparently quite the place to do it. When Nina Gilkenson was last in town, she raided one of the local stores and came back with a bag full of wedgie shoes.

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Montana Entry

Missoula, Montana

From: 'Chelle Peterson
July 20, 2000

I would like to get the word out that there is some swing dancing in Montana. We are few and far between but still try to keep dance nights going at some clubs and bars. I personally have a space that is open on Wednesday nights from 8 to 10p.m. The address is 140 w. Pine street. I play c.d.'s of mainly Lindy rhythms. It is an excellent floor and there is air conditioning. It is also a smoke free venue. I know of some other places around the state...if there is any interest I could find out the exact locations and times of these clubs.

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