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These are articles from Lindy Week in Review that have dealt with places to dance, vintage clothes, thrift stores, antique shops, or travel in general. For every city, we have tried to give you a website, phone contact, and e- mail address so that you don't show up as a stranger. In general, we have gotten a wonderful reception from Lindy Hoppers all over the country, so don't hesitate to call or write. Feel free to submit your own reviews by sending an e-mail to the Lindy Week in Review Travel Editor.

If you came into this page directly from a bookmark,you might like to look at our Home Page --- we have loads of fun features dealing with swing dancing and collectibles from the 1940s! Click Here for the index to the entire site.

If your destination city ISN'T reviewed here, please try The Hobo Traveler -- that's a fun website for general advice for low budget travelling.


Lindy Hop Travel Guide
Always Telephone Before You Travel!
Things Change Rapidly in Cyberspace!

As you know, things change rapidly. We try very hard to keep up with trends, but we are not perfect. Websites and e-mail addresses change regularly and places go out of business. As far as we know all the stuff in here is current as of December 2001, but don't bet the farm on it! The safest thing is to call venues and stores before you travel. We always defer to the local city websites because they are in a better position to keep current than we are. Please let us know when you find inaccuracies in the Travel Guide --- we will be glad to fix them


In case you want some hard copy to take with you, the subsidiary files can be up to 75KB, so it will be difficult for you to print the whole thing. Our suggestion is that you COPY the portion that you wish, place it in a temporary file, and then print that file. You may wish to add to the file and send it back to us when you get back from your trip.


1. Make your travel reservations with Trav elocity
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Use this handy index to select articles about individual cities. For convenience, we have placed all the cities within a two hour drive of DC into a separate index so that you can plan day trips. Enjoy!

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