Cavalier Chest Label from the 1940s
Cavalier -- the Cadillac of Cedar Chests
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In 2000, our discussion of Cavalier Cedar Chests began in the Furniture Section; however, a very large volume of mail has dictated that we put our coverage of cedar chests onto three separate pages. This page will direct you to all the topics covered in three "sub-pages" that have been made to increase the speed of downloading.

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This is a detailed listing of the topics treated in our three Cedar Chest Pages.

In addition to Cavalier furniture, we have a Calendar of Swing Dancing in DC, a Directory of Vintage Clothing Stores and a Guide to 1940s Collectibles. Thanks for tuning in! Feel free to Contact Me if you have questions or want to share photographs, hopes, and/or stories with the rest of the readers.

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