Frederick, Md
Vintage Field Trip to Frederick
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
Or Third Field Trip

Cannon Hill Antique Mall

Saturday January 25, 2003 is a day that we will all remember because it was BITTERLY cold. We assembled a group of die-hard retro nuts who were willing to leave DC at 9:00 to get to Frederick, Maryland in time for a full day of shopping. (At the end of the day, even the toughest skeptic was in agreement that a WHOLE day is needed!

Our first stop was the Cannon Hill Antique Mall (124 S. Carroll Street). This is a large collection of "booths" that display the wares of individual vendors. There are three such booths that offer Vintage Clothes. Our group had a very merry time scouring all three for goodies. Everyone managed to find something of interest. Chrissy Hall-Reis, our Vintage Priestess was on hand to provide expertise to those with less experience. We spent three hours at Cannon Hill and almost everyone came away with something. I even found the very-rare Broiler Grid for my Westinghouse Roaster, so I am certainly happy! I think that the rest of the folks on the trip would agree.

Lindsey, Dave, Tracy
Lindsey and Tracy with Dave Robey

The Group
The Group at Cannon Hill

Lunch at The Orchard

After a long drive and three hours of shopping, we were ready for some lunch. We found a very nice place on Market Street called The Orchard which serves all natural foods and is a very pleasant compromise for our eclectic mixture of vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The food, particularly the stir-fry menu, was excellent. We had a nice lunch for about $11 per person, and the service was very good.

At The Orchard

Venus on the Half Shell

Venus on the Half Shell (151 North Market Street) is Frederick's biggest vintage store, and the only outlet that is not part of an antique mall. They have a large selection of clothing, including an extensive section for men. Prices are higher than the antique malls, but I beleive that selection comes with an overhead cost. The store is well-lit and has ample changing facilities. Anyone who has tried to examine a vintage garment for moth holes or oxidation stains will greatly appreciate good lighting! Almost everyone in the group found something.

Lindsey, Tracy, Karyn
Lindsey is assisted by Tracy and Karyn

Chrissy Hall-Reis

Craig and Angela
Craig and Angela

Tracy liked this floral number

Angela is ready for the Left Bank

The Antique Station

The next stop for the group was the Antique Station, just of Route 15 at the Motter St Exit. There are two booths at this mall that have vintage. Everyone was pretty tired by the time we got there, so shopping was kind of desultory.

Chrissy poses with plates of the Sonata pattern, her favorite

Antique Station Group
The Group at the Antique Station

Connie and David

On December 21, 2002, Connie Lausten and David Horne were married in Minneapolis. Connie owns a house in Frederick which she will be selling. She invited the whole vintage group over for a "Last Hurrah" and we, in turn, did a little celebrating of her marriage. Yes, I gave them a Toaster.

Connie and David
Connie, David, and the Toaster

Celebrating Connie and David's Marriage

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