Model Airplane News
January, 1942

Model Airplane News Cover for January, 1942 by Jo Kotula Northrop N-1 Experimental

Northrop N-1 Experimental
Model Airplane News Cover Art for January, 1942
by Jo Kotula
The artist calls it the "Flying Manta"
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In 1940 the Northrop N-1M, an all-wing design was developed to test John Northrop's theories about flying wings. It was powered by two Lycoming engines driving pusher propellers. The N-1M was a true all-wing design and its low drag gave improved acceleration in both dive and glide; it also enabled the aircraft to use significantly less power on take-off than conventional aircraft of similar size and weight. Early tests found few problems, the main one being engine cooling, but this was solved by the installation of Franklin engines with almost double the power along with three-bladed propellers.

  Northrop N1M Flying Wing with newsreel cameras   Northrop N1M Flying Wing in Flight

Northrop N1M Experimental Flying Wing
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The N-1M has survived and may be seen in the US National Air and Space Museum.

 Northrop N1M Flying Wing Design Patent D-143,853    Northrop N1M Flying Wing Design Patent D-143,853

Northrop N-1M Flying Wing
Design Patent D-143,853
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Here is a video that has extremely rare color footage of the first flight of the N1M:

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