Model Airplane News
December, 1937

Model Airplane News Cover for December, 1937 by Jo Kotula Folkerts SK-3 Jupiter    Model Airplane News Cover for November, 1939 by Jo Kotula Folkerts SK-3 Jupiter

Folkerts SK-3 "Jupiter"
Model Airplane News Cover Art for December, 1937 and November, 1939
by Jo Kotula
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This was a very timely cover because the SK-3 "Jupiter," designed by Clayton Folkerts of Omaha, had just won the Thompson Trophy Race. The plane exemplified American trial-and-error design. It had a wooden propeller of very high pitch and one of the shortest wingspans in racing.

The Folkerts SK-3 Jupiter      The Folkerts SK-3 Jupiter

Photos of the Folkerts SK-3 "Jupiter"
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Here is an article from Popular Mechanics featuring Clayton Folkerts:

 Clayton Folkerts building the Jupiter, Popular mechanics August, 1938

Clayton Folkerts Building the Jupiter
Popular Mechanics August, 1938
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The Thompson trophy race was one of the National Air Races of the heyday of early airplane racing in the 1930's. Established in 1929, the last race was held in 1961. The race was 10 miles long with 50-foot-high pylons marking the turns, and emphasized low altitude flying and maneuverability at high speeds. As the race was flown around a closed course, crowds in the grandstands could easily see much of the spectacle.

Click Here for more information about the Folkerts SK-3 "Jupiter".

Our review of Popular Mechanics from 1932-1939 turned up several interesting articles on air racing.

Racing the Man-made Meteors from Popular Mechanics, February, 1937    Flying the Winged Bullets from Popular Mechanics, October 1938    Secrets of Speed from Popular Mechanics, November, 1938

Articles on Air Racing From Popular Mechanics
"Racing the Man-Made Meteors" (February, 1937)
"Flying the Winged Bullets" (October, 1938)
"Secrets of Speed" (November, 1938)
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We have scanned these articles anmake them available to you as free downloads

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