Dance Contest at ZonesDance Contest at Zones
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
Congratulations, Poppy and Matt!
The Winners
The Winners
Poppy and Matt with Steve Cowles

Friday December 11, 1998

We had a great time on Friday --- first, Elizabeth and Jim invited us for a spectacular dinner of Pasta Con Quattro Formaggi (check the website for the recipe). From there, we were off club hopping, first at Poli-Tiki and then at Zones. Elizabeth has written a great review, and we will suffice to congratulate Poppy Rotter and Matt Kendall for their victory in the Dance Contest. They did a crowd-pleasing routine that had a whole lot of aerials. Other contestants were Elizabeth and Jim, Bill Puschmann and Vicki Harrison, and Kerry Halpern and Lorne Teitelbaum.

From: Elizabeth Engel

After a lovely dinner with Frank and his partner, the four of us headed over to Capitol Hill for an evening of dancing. We took a brief detour by the place Jim and I will be moving to next month (you could see a lot from the street in the dark, let me tell you....) and landed at PoliTiki. I hadn't been there until shortly after they started the swing nights and the place has become quite the scene. The floor is a lot better - I think they did some work on it - and the DJs always spin great tunes. Lots of folks were there: Eric, Misha, Doug, Bernstein, Arnold, Julia, Lisa, a bunch of followers who I know but whose names I don't know (doesn't it always work that way!!) was a good crowd. We had a jam, we had a really bad shim sham - we were too disorganized, and no one really stepped up to be the "leader" (Debra we needed you!), so it took us until about mid way through the song to get together. WE were there for 2 hours, and it just flew.

We then decamped for Zones so Frank and his partner could judge the dance contest. We got there in time to dance a few numbers and then the contest was Bill and Vicki, Jim and I, and two other couples I didn't know. One of the other couples won the $100. I don't think they were Lindy Hoppers, but she looked like she had some hustle background and they threw a bunch of air steps. Oddly enough, I later heard a rumor that Bill had recruited them when it looked like he and Vicki were going to be the only dancers. Oops! It was a nice time, and it's good to see that the scene at Zones continues to be popular. It always amazes me when we go there: the only floor that's really hopping is the swing floor. But we all know why that is.

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