TTTWCF Winter ball
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
With the Eric Felten Orchestra

WCF Winter Ball

On Saturday, February 2, the Washington Catholic Forum held its sixth annual Winter ball at the Army-Navy Country Club in Arlington, Virginia. The fabulous Eric Felten Orchestra played from 9-1, and about 400 couples (the sixth consecutive sellout!) danced the night away beneath the elegant gold leaf ceiling. In total about 30 folks from the "regular" swing dance community showed up. I think that everyone had a good time. It was a tad pricey relative to normal dance offerings, but was downright cheap compared to, say, an NBA game.
Eric, Cheryl and karyn
Karyn, Eric Felten, and Cheryl Butler

He looks like Glenn Miller. Cheryl looks wonderful in her vintage sequin dress.

Ron and Beverly
Beverly and Ron Weinstein

Ron bought a tuxedo JUST for the occasion.

Sue and Gary
Sue and Gary

They can do all the ballroom dances, so they have the advantage over the rest of us. You haven't done Mambo until you do Mambo with Sue...

tony nesky
Tony Nesky

tony and connie
Connie Lausten and Tony Nesky

Tony continued in the month-long celebration of his 40th Birthday. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

the gals
Front: Cheryl Butler, Debbie Ahern, Karyn, Connie Lausten
Back: Beverly Weinstein

tony and connie
Beverly, Kim and Debbie

I felt like a king sitting at the table with this bevy of beauties!

Connie and Frank
Connie and Frank

We put this in just to show Ellen and Marc that we have been practicing our aerials...

Karyn and Frank
Karyn and Frank

I ran out of film early in the dance. There were a lot more dancers there and we expect new photos shortly. Check in again later in the week

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