Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
It was great to see everyone!


VSO took off on Thursday, October 2, 2002. Living Lindy Legend Frankie Manning was on hand to remind us all that we can do this forever!

Tom, Frankie, debra
Frankie Manning Leads the Shim Sham

Karyn, Frankie, Frank
Karyn, Frankie Manning and Frank
This is the seventh photo with Frankie that I have
I hope that I get at least 20 more!


Lots of folks were on hand to show their stuff to the assembled multitudes.

Click Here for the actual results from the competition.

Jackie Wallo
Jackie Wallo
Andy, Jackie and Andrew Jr. -- we haven't seen the Wallos in a while!

Debbie Wilson
Debbie Wilson looked great

Gail and Tom
Gail Hansen and Tommy Greco

Carolyn and Debra
Theresa Werner and Dr. Jerrald

Lee and Sonia
Lee and Sonia

Kay and Steve
Kay Springer and Steve Terry

Pam and John
Pam and John

The Weinsteins
beverly and Ron Weinstein

Samantha ans Sylvaine
Samantha and Sylvaine

Eileen and Tom
Eileen and Tom

Wendy and Steve
Wendy Wenck and Steve Thurber


The Eight Week Wonders were out in force once again, having a great time and seeking out last place, wherever it may be... Unfortunately, they broke their streak and actually won SECOND PLACE. One judge -- a person of spectacular taste and refinement -- gave us a First Place vote. At the same time, the Cubs and the Red Sox were in the playoffs. Will wonders ever cease??

Thanks to Tom and Debra and the judges at VSO for putting up with us. We had a wonderful time. Our sincere congratulations to Fidgety Feet who won a well-deserved victory!

Fidgety Feet
First Place: Fidgety Feet

8 Week Wonders
Second Place: The Eight Week Wonders

Savoir Swing
Third Place: Savoir Swing

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