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Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
A Sampling of Photos

VSO 2001

This year, the Virginia State Open swing Dance Championships were held in the wake of the September 11 disaster. There is no doubt that the tragedy was on everyone's mind, and attendance was off from previous years. On the other hand, we were once again privileged to see and dance with our Lindy Original, Siver Star winner Frankie Manning. We congratulate the winners and are confident that the future will bring an end to mindless terrorism.
Frankie Manning
Thanks to Frankie Manning for posing with Karen and me. I have six versions of this, taken every year since 1995. I hope to have many more.

Carla and Marty
This is Carla Heiney dancing with Marty Lau.
Dancing with Kevin St.Laurent, Carla won every event she entered. This was a really spectacular performance. Another Star was Carrie Hale, who won all the "jill" parts of the "jack and jill" contest on Friday

The rest of these photos are random observations of the dance floor

Arnold Taylor
The Reverend Arnold Taylor (in his Swing vestments) conducting services on the dance floor. His text for the day appears to be side-by-side Charleston

Toma and Debra
Debra Sternberg and Tom Koerner in the Hustle competition.
Geez, John Travolta is in for a lot of trouble here...

Anne and Mike
Anne Strauss and Mike De Santis

Bev and Ron
Bev and Ron Weinstein

tricia and carolyn
Tricia Reneau Iveson and Carolyn Koerner

Randy and Barbara
Barbara Brennan and Randy Morrow

Connie and hank
Connie Lausten and Hank Dearden

Kiona and Tony
Kiona Leah and Tony Nesky

Julie and Karen
Julie Agarwal and Karen Jarboe

Team Competition

Three Lindy Hop performance teams competed this year --- Fidgety Feet, A-Train, and the Eight Week Wonders.
Fidgety Feet
Fidgety #1
Fidgety #2

A- Train
atrain #1
Fidgety #2

Eight Week Wonders
Fidgety #1
Fidgety #2

This was a real fun time. We hope that you enjoyed it. If you didn't go, plan on coming next year!

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