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Carolyn Biczel
Carolyn Biczel
The Honoree, shown examining one of the presents for Tom...

Sunday, February 28, 1999

Tricia Reneau hosted a thoroughly unique bridal shower for Carolyn Biczel. She invited a group of vintage vixens to her lovely house and then put on a fashion show. We at LWIR thought that this was such a great idea that we put Fritz Hahn of the Washington Post on the story, which was duly reported as part of the new trend toward Swing Weddings

The Group
The Group
Looking just great, ladies, but we had to buy extra hyphens from Vanna White..

Standing: Chrissy Hall-Reis, Diane Hutson-Wiley, Carole Berghers, Marie Tomassi-Quidas, Sue Fedor, Julia Stewart, Lil Taylor, Randi-Sue Rimerman-Serota

Sitting: Ellen Werther, Tricia Reneau, Carolyn Biczel, Debra Sternberg-Blankenberg

Fashion Pic #1

Fashion Pic #2

Fashion Pic #3

Fashion Pic #4

Fashion Pic #5

Fashion Pic #6

The Fashion Display
The Models are Friends of Tricia's

From: Fritz Hahn

Hi -
Just wanted to let you know that our vintage wedding story - including pictures from Carolyn's bridal shower - is online now on the Washington Post Swing Site.
Thanks for all your help!

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