TTTVeterans Dance, 2001
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
A Great Time was Had by All

Veterans Dance, 2001

Once again, we had a wonderful time at the annual Veterans Dance.

Once again, my only complaint about the event was that the dance floor was too small. There were lots of wonderful veterans and a lot of swing dancers. As usual, the group mixed well and all had a very nice time. My special compliments go to Arnold Taylor, our "Swing Dance Chaplain." Thanks also to Ellen Engle and Marc Shepanek for doing a great job of organizing a tribute to the Vets. We have nothing but praise for the very lovely Chris Crerar, whose vocals made the evening very special.

Marc and Ellen
Ellen Engle and Marc Shepanek
They organized the Veterans' Tribute
Photo Courtesy of Doug Pierce

Ellen and Doug
Ellen Engle and Doug Pierce
Photo Courtesy Doug Pierce

These folks came all the way from Texas
The lady is wearing a gown from the 1940s and the dress clips are real emeralds!

Dan and Arnold
Dan Steeples and Arnold Taylor

Dan and Rosie
Dan Daley and Rosie the Riveter (aka Ahlia Stepanek)

Deb Ahern and friends

Another Cluster of Swing Dancers

Catherine and Mark
Catherine and Mark

The Very Photogenic Angela Carpenter

The Stunning Chrissy Hall-Reis

Deb Barclay
Is it Lana Turner or is it Debra Barclay?

Eric and Stephanie
Eric and Stephanie

Diane and Lee
Diane Carroad and Lee Outlaw

Caroline Westhaefer and Friend

Karen and Frank
Karen and Frank

Ellen and Marc -- thanks for organizing the tribute!

Performers from the Tribute

BY THE WAY: This year, the event was held at the newly remodeled Crowne Plaza (14th & K) --- during the restoration, the hotel took part of the Almas Temple. This building is in the "Moorish Art Deco" style and is marked by polychrome tile and ersatz minarets, all part of the Masons' fascination with the Middle East. (The "Shriners" are more properly known as the "Ancient and Arabic Order of Nobles of the Syria Shrine.) The lower floor of the Almas Temple used to be known as the "Islam Grotto" --- it was an arena and for the longest time, it was a venue for Prize Fighting there. My dad took me to see Rocky Marciano fight there in the 1950s and I saw Sugar Ray Leonard there. During the restoration, the arena disappeared and a more genteel multi-level ballroom took its place

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