TTT2002 Glen Echo USO Dance
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
450 Happy Dancers!

USO Dance at Glen Echo
June 29, 2002

Kudos to Ellen and Marc and The Blue Sky Five for putting on a spectacular USO theme dance at the Glen Echo Bumper Car Pavillion on Saturday, June 29, 2002. The last time that I checked in with Ellen, 450 folks had paid to see three sets of magic from Blue Sky Five, arguably the best small combo in the country. This was a feat in itself, because the band had played to a packed house the night before at Chevy Chase Ballroom. Apparently, folks just can't get enough of Blue Sky Five, featuring the lvely Monica Schwartz on vocals and Clarinet. The Five are always a big draw!

If you had a good time at this event, check out our Schedule of Military Re-enactment Dances

The Bumper car pavillion sure looked good...
Photo credit: Tony Nesky

blue sky five
Here is the band, preparing for a cookout
rumor has it that they brought their own nurse
just in case their meal didn't turn out right...

the new car
This is our BRAND NEW PT Cruiser
I have been waiting so long to get one of these
that I am putting it up front
It is a FANTASTIC car for Retro Lifestyle!!

Chrissy and Mike
Chrissy and Mike Hall-Reis

Becca and Deb
Rebecca Dotson and Deb Ahern
Photo credit: Tony Nesky

The Gals
Gosh, there were a lot of great looking ladies there..
Photo credit: Tony Nesky

Cherri and Becca
Cherri Harris and Rebecca Dotson

April and Tom
April and Tom

Catherine and David
Catherine Bradley and David Seng

Deborah Barclay
Deborah Barclay

Karyn and Frank
Karyn and Frank

Heather and Patrick
Heather Crump and Patrick Bayliss

Jim and Elizabeth
Elizabeth and Jim Engel

Mark J
Mark Jefferson of Tom Vaughan and the Roadhouse Five
and his lovely friend Lisa

Catherine and Mark
Catherine Weber and Mark Walvoord

Tricia and Thomas
Tricia and Thomas Iveson

Tom Ede
Tom Ede and Friend

(l to r) Karyn, Angela, Jen

The Navy was WELL represented!

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