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For the record, my name is Frank and this represents my personal feelings about Lindy Hop. Every week, I pick ten events that I would really like to attend. My general criteria are listed below. I have a distinct preference for things that are in public places, for big bands, for vintage clothes, and for events in the city. Sometimes I will recommend a tiny little urban bar with atmosphere (like Felix), military re-creation events (like the Reading Air Show), or a big money event (like the Art Deco Ball). Sometimes, our cousins in Richmond, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, or Philadelphia will have a marvelous event --- I'm always willing to spend a little and/or take a drive. I like vintage clothes and historic atmosphere almost as much as the dancing. Some people look at the world differently --- you could come up with an entirely different list if you were to focus on other factors like predominate dance style, gender balance, the cost of water, etc, etc.

If you disagree with me, you are free to complain. I promise to listen to you and respond.

To be even more specific, I make selections on a preference for the following: (1) Live Band; (2) Wood Floor; (3)Uptempo music; (4) "Lindy Positive" attitude of management; and (5)our own opinion --- which may include whether or not we can get there conveniently. We actually go to the events that we select for our top ten (with allowance for conflicts.)

There are no advertisements on this site and no compensation will be accepted for listings. This site places ABSOLUTELY NO COOKIES in your machine

Staff from Lindy Week may be teaching or hosting at events listed in the "Top Ten", but compensation is never tied to attendance or its derviavtives like bar revenues.

It is Good for Lindy to have lots of dance venues, so Lindy Week is inclined to give support to new venues. You are encouraged to do the same.

There are more than 5,000 people who have had at least a beginning course in Lindy. The combined capacity of all venues on even the busiest nights does not come close to this figure; hence large attendance at any particular event that we select does not diminish in any meaningful way the potential of any other venue to fill its room. Attendance at any particular dance venue is strictly a function of the quality of service provided and the effectiveness of promotional efforts by the organizers.

This site will not list private or college events unless there is clear and unambiguous communication from the organizers that these events are in fact open to the public.

Always call for times and bands because published schedules can be in error.

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