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December at Timpano
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
Merry Holidays, indeed

Getting Ready for Christmas at Timpano

RKO Swing led us into the big Holiday week with a wonderful evening on Thursday, December 20, 2001. Santa made an appearance, but collected Toys for Tots - a wonderful reversal of roles that is probably greatly appreciated by some kids who would not otherwise had much in their stockings.

Robin Gordon featured her little 8 year old neice in a couple of vocal numbers. This kid has a whole lot of talent. She also has a great sense of show business --- after she and Robin sang a nice ballad, she looked at the band and said "This is supposed to be a Swing Dance --- Hit it Tommy!", thus kicking off Sing, Sing, Sing. Watch this child in the future...

Talented neice
Robin and her neice collaborate a real killer-diller

Santa collected Toys for Tots

Ellen and Marc
Ellen Engle and Marc Shepanek

Ellen and Mickey
Ellen, Karen, Frank, Marc

Ellen once auditioned for Minnie Mouse at Disney World
We found her several Disney artifacts
Marc,a rocket scientist at NASA collects things with a Space theme
We found him some needle cases with missile imagery from the 40s and 50s

Catherine and mark
Catherine and Mark

Kiona and Jim
Kiona and Jim

Three Graces
Our Three Graces
Shelley, Becca and Debbie

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