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Godfather and Grandson
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Saturday December 12, 1998

We were at Nick's for Tom and Debra's sceond Saturday gig. Once again, Elizabeth has beaten us to the punch with another dynamite review!

From: Elizabeth Engel

Cameron, Jim, and I trucked over to Nick's Saturday night to listen and dance to TCO Lite (I didn't *think* there would be room for *all* of them and a crowd of dancers on that floor!). It was another terrific evening of dancing, with the band wisely (given the crowded conditions) playing more mid-tempo stuff, which fortunately prevented any major injuries. Mara the college gal favored us with her presence, as I think she's returned home for the holdiays, and with sad tales of fellow students unwilling to do anything but Johnny Swing. Perhaps a mass weekend trip to St. David's to help her show those poor benighted souls some REAL swing might be in order this spring? It was great to hear TCO again too, after a long (on our part) absence. Given the reduced ranks of the band, Tom filled in all over the place on his trumpet and they tried a whole bunch of "trumpet replacing instrument X" experiments that I thought went really well.

I must say, I really enjoy Nick's. They have decent and cheap food, the waitress (I think her name is Michelle) is REALLY nice to us, and there's an easily accessible bar sink we're free to use for water. The jam was good fun, and it included Duke and I doing a cute little impromptu thing and Tom practically sitting on Debra at the end. Anyway, I would definitely keep my eye on the schedule over there, and consider Nick's to be a terrific Saturday night alternative to long lines and occasionally surly Park Rangers.

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