Vintage Shopping Trip in Richmond
Vintage Shopping Trip to Richmond
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
It was worth the drive!

Road Trip to Richmond

For two months, we planned vintage shopping trip to Richmond. Folks opted in and then opted out, but when the time arrived, we had 6 couples. Logistics were a problem, because Richmond is two hours from DC and we had a "window" of shopping opportunities from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

  • the major Vintage Stores are open from 10-5
  • two significant Thrift Stores are open until 6:00

Although this appears to be eight hours of shopping, those of you who were with us at Shrewsbury and Lancaster will attest to the fact that this is really hardly any time at all! (You may visit my Vintage Page for a discussion of Richmond in greater detail)

In priority order, we wanted to visit Bygones and Halcyon. We wanted to start at Bygones because it is right off the Powhite Freeway, just off I-95; also, we wanted to pick up the famous Bygones Vintage Calendar, a must for all who cherish the 1940s (the calendar is ostensibly for 1947 --- the dates will be the same as 2003).

In order to hit Bygones at 10:00 am, we had to leave on a Saturday Morning by 8:00 am, after revelry at CCB the night before. To make things worse, it was raining cats and dogs. All of your who aspire to collect vintage must expect Sacrifice. Nothing good comes easy, and nobody got a Ricky Ricardo jacket sitting on his (her) duff...

on the way
The PT Cruiser is GREAT in the rain

Of all things, we were actually EARLY! Better yet, the entire group arrived almost simultaneously. We even had to wait a tad under a friendly umbrella.

Waiting for Bygones to Open
Waiting for Bygones to Open

We'd like to welcome some newcomers to our Vintage Safaris:

Sue and Gary
Sue and Gary

Catherine and David
Catherine and David

Promptly at 10:00, we got an enthusiastic reception from Mamie, the owner of Bygones. We managed to keep her and her assistants hopping for at least two hours, trying on just about everything in the store. We had a wonderful time. Here's the group photo:

At Bygones
At Bygones; Note the Calendars!

After this, we walked a block up the street to Luxor and spent about 40 minutes rooting around. Once again, we found some very nice stuff. Here are Ellen and Marc trying out the "lift-worthy-ness" of a pair of vintage tailcoats:

Ellen and Marc
Checking out the "Tails"

Then it was time for lunch. We adjourned to the New York Deli... Update from 2008: The New York deli has gone downhill. We suggest that you eat at Can-Can a spectacular Brasserie that has the most marvelous food and the longest zinc bar in the USA

A Brief Hiatus in 2004

United Fishermen Poster
Authentic Decorations At Can-Can (click to enlarge)
Read the Story of Mother Angot

After lunch, we made a seven block excursion to Halcyon known for BOTH extensive selection AND Winston, owner Constance Carroll's wonderful pet Scotty. Today, we were very surprised to find that Constance has added a second pet -- a thoroughly endearing Schnauzer named Olive. (Winston's legion of fans will be disappointed to learn that the venerable hound passed away in 2007 at the ripe old age of 19...)


Sue, Frank and Olive
Sue, Frank and Olive

David, Gary, Frank and Olive
David, Gary, Frank, and Olive

Frank and Olive, 2008
An updated picture of Olive from 2008

In addition to playing with the dogs, we actually bought some clothes

We received excellent service and lots of help from Constance. Here's a group photo:

The Group at Halcyon
The Group at Halcyon


There seemed to be a wonderful array of hats that expressed the personalities of our lady shoppers:

Cat Weber  Cat Weber
Catherine Walvoord

Beverly Weinstein  Beverly Weinstein
Beverly Weinstein

Ellen Engle  Ellen Engle
Ellen Engle

Sue Caley  Sue Caley
Sue Caley

Just the thing for Crowded Dance Floors at CCB

The Ladies

There were certainly a whole lot of fantastic outfits available. I "think" that you will be seeing all of these in the near future!

Beverly Weinstein  Beverly Weinstein
Beverly Weinstein

Sue Caley  Sue Caley
Sue Caley

Ellen Engle  Ellen Engle  Ellen Engle
Ellen Engle

Catherine Walvoord
Catherine Walvood

Karyn Jarboe  Karyn Jarboe
Karyn Jarboe

Catherine Bradley  Catherine Bradley  Catherine Bradley
Catherine Bradley

Catherine and Beverly
Beverly and Catherine

The Gentlemen

It wasn't all just the ladies. There were plenty of vintage clothes in big mens' sizes!

Gary Caley
Gary Caley and the Cab Calloway Tails

Marc Shepanek
Marc Shepanek in Irridescent Sharkskin

David Seng
David Seng, Wall Street Plutocrat

Frank demonstrates the Hat Protector

Put it Back
This Interesting Label was Inside the Fedora

We had a wonderful time in Richmond and thanks to the owners and staff of Bygones, Luxor, and Halcyon for putting up with us!

Our very deep gratitude to Dr. Ronnie Weinstein Chiropractor to the Lindy Trade for taking and processing all these photos!!.

If you want to retrace our steps to Richmond, here are the details:

  • Halcyon Vintage Clothing, 117 N. Robinson Street (804)-358-1311
  • Bygones, 2916 W. Cary St, (804)-353-1919
  • Galaxie, 409 Strawberry St., (804)-278-9411
  • Luxor,3001 W. Cary St, (804)-359-6789
  • Out of the Closet, 2001 W. Main St, (804)-355-7909
  • FanTastic Thrift,1914 W. Main St, (804)-358-7164
  • Clothes Rack, 2618 W. Cary St, (804)-358-4693
  • Exile 822 W. Grace Street
  • Diversity Thrift 1729 W. Cary St.

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