A jitterbuzz Photo Feature
Swing at Reston
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
8,000 screaming fans

Swing Speak at Reston

When I heard about this outdoor gig, my first reaction was that it would be about 20 people with strollers. WOW, was I wrong... There were about 8,000 people and the energy level was very high. Mother nature cooperated with a perfect evening, and I think that everyone had just a wonderful time. here is a sampling of photos.
Perf team
"Eight Week Special", Tom and debra's Performance Team
got a chance to perform in public
I am pleased to report that we did not make too many mistakes!

This is little Tommy Koerner enjoying the festivities

1 Couple
People really got into things

This is Tiffany, from Pittsburgh

Carla and David
Carla and David were looking great

Lara and Greg
...so were Lara and Greg

Bev and Ron
Bev and Ron Weinstein
Ron is the "Chiorpractor to the Lindy Trade"
We love that muscle shirt

Karen and Frank
We found a seamstress who can make WONDERFUL Hawaiian gear
$30 for the shirt, $40 for the dress
write us for details

This was a great evening out. It is always fun when a very large group of Lindy Hoppers descends on a venue, especially when a great band is playing. Our hats are off to the folks at Reston who put this together and, of course, to Swing Speak who really laid down a groove!

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