TTTReading Air Show, 2002
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
A Great Time for all!

Reading Air Show, 2002

June 7,8, & 9, 2002

We drove to Reading, PA for the World War II "Spend a Weekend in 1943" Weekend. A three-day pass cost $23 per person and included a HANGAR DANCE ON SATURDAY, JUNE 9 FROM 7-10 PM. The band was Swing Fever and were quite good.

You can see more Reading Air Show Website

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Sue Guedes
This is Sue Guedes
She and her husband Gus are from Nothampton, PA
Folks call her "Lizbeth Scott"

Bonnie Roth
This is Bonnie Roth

Keith Rocco
This is Keith Rocco, Karyn is in the background

Heather and Patrick
Heatherand Patrick
and a P-47

Everyone gets on stage for
In the Mood




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