Ray Gelato at ClarendonRay Gelato
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
Mamma Mia!

Tu Vuo'Fa L' Americano

Ray Gelato Set Clarendon Ballrom on FIRE on Tuesday, October 1, 2002. This was just a FANTASTIC gig! Because a crew was filming, folks were asked to come in vintage. Lots of people chose to wear uniforms...

Here's Lurene and Ed, with Ray in the background

Angela family
Elaine Washburn, Craig Gildner and Angela Carpenter
Elaine is Angela's Mom

Lisa and Steve
Lisa and Steve

Group Pic
Sonia, Connie, Hillary and Tracy

Jason Aldrich

Stan Weinstein
Stan Weinstein, your photographer
View his professional results at Dreams and Memories

Sue and Gary
Sue and Gary

Teresa and Tom
Teresa and Tom

Tracy and Greg
Tracy and Greg

whooping it up
Whooping it up for the cameras...

Kids with Debra
Catherine's sons with Debra
Photo Credit: Catherine Bradley

Kids with Karyn
Catherine's sons with Karyn
Photo Credit: Catherine Bradley

Navy Contingent
The Navy Contingent
Photo Credit: Catherine Bradley

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