We want your PhotosWe want your Photos
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
BUT --- there are some rules...
Uncle Sam
I WANT your JPGs
One JPG per e-mail, 6 character names

Wewant your photos from Lindy Hop events! Here is how to submit them:

  • We don't have a scanner, hence, we can't do anything with prints
  • For electronic images, our preferred format is "JPG", mainly because we can edit JPGs
  • Scan your photos at low resolution --- the Internet can only show 85 ppi
  • Send your photos as an attachment to e-mail to: Lindyhopr@aol.com
  • Use only SIX (6) characters in the name (i.e. xxxxxx.jpg) --- a glitch in the AOL download manager between v 3.1 and v 4.0 makes it impossible for us to re-use (i.e. like send to the Internet) files with longer names.
  • Send ONLY ONE (1) jpg per e-mail. AOL has these rules about bundling images to prevent (supposedly) the transmission of pornography in bulk
  • IDENTIFY the people in the photograph! (Put that in the body of the e-mail)
  • Write a CAPTION for the photograph! (Put that in the body of the e-mail)
  • Allow us a little time to get things together -- it takes about two hours of wall time to prepare and load a photoessay

With those few rules, send away!

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