In the Kingdom of Swing
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New CD from the New Columbia Swing Orchestra

New Columbia issues a second CD!

Frank Guldseth is a long-time fan of Benny Goodman, and his orchestra's new cd -- The Kingdom of Swing -- pays a heartfelt tribute to both Benny and the Swing Era. Way back in the heyday of Swing, many famous bandleaders began selling entire arrangements of their top hits. Those of Count basie and Benny Goodman were among the most popular, and local bands could provide familiar versions of Two O'Clock Jump and Let's Dance to the hometown folks. Frank collects these arrangements, known as "stocks", and has recorded several of them as a tribute to both the original artists and the grass-roots American popular culture.

There is also a more indirect tribute. Benny Goodman's autobiography, written when he was all of 29, was also titled The Kingdom of Swing. The disc contains seven Goodman tributes and nine others. This week, we have selected a Jimmy Dorsey tune for you, mainly because I have never heard it on anything but a 78 rpm record -- and my copy has a scratch in it. This is the very remarkable Dusk in Upper Sandusky.

I have always loved Frank Guldseth and his work because he always delivers a high quality product and goes out of his way to make sure that you hear something new, exciting and different

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