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Multiple Tandem Balboa

We have been fooling around with a stunt involving lots of couples doing Balboa. We discussed this with Maxie Dorf and he had this to say:

From: Maxie Dorf (
To: LindyHopr
I'm really excited about what you are accomplishing with Bal. What a unique idea of "multiple-tandem". Maybe you can invent a "Bal Line Dance?"

OK -- Here's the Line Dance:

It is literally done in a "line" --- a long chain of people, Leaders (L) behind Leaders, Followers (F) behind Followers

  • The "Center" couple starts the dance: LF
  • People to the chain every two bars (Leaders behind leaders, followers behind followers) LLFF, LLLFFF, LLLLFFFF, etc
  • When the line is formed, we rotate it in a circle (like the dial on a radio or a speedometer --- well like those things used to be....)
  • Then we do side-side -- the whole line moves to the left and right. (Because the line can be long, a verbal lead is required)
  • The leaders detach from the followers and move about two feet to the left.
    • LLLLL
    • ..^..FFFFF
  • On each bar, each group advances two steps while doing basic.
    • LLLLL->
    • ..<-FFFFF then,
    • LLLLL->
    • .<-FFFFF then,
    • LLLLL->
    • <-FFFFF etc.
  • Eventually, the leaders and followers lines are matched.
    • LLLLL
    • FFFFF
  • On the next bar, the leaders and followers turn Right a quarter turn. The couples are now facing each other.
  • Each couple does this figure: an "On ramp" into coupled Balboa, followed by (a) basic (b) crossovers (c)come-around and (d) basic.
  • The couples separate and make a quarter turn to the Left. (i.e. they return to two lines facing the opposite direction.)
    • LLLLL
    • FFFFF
  • The lines do Balboa basic with back steps until the tandem line can re-form
    • ...LLLLL->
    • <-FFFFF then,
    • ....LLLLL->
    • <-FFFFF then,
    • .....LLLLL->
    • <-FFFFF etc.,until
    • .....LLLLL
    • FFFFF..v... and then
  • Then we repeat the whole thing over until the song ends.

So, Maxie, this is your line dance!

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