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Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
Thanks for the Pix, Maxie
Maxie at 4
Maxie at 4
Waiting for Balboa to be invented...

Maxie says: " Here is a photo of me at 4 years old when I won my first dance contest. My sister used to take me to the movies on Saturday. They would have a Charleston contest and I would regularly win the $5 prize. She would give me a dime and pocket the rest. She taught me to do the Charleston. I must have been pretty good (according to my sis and the audience) "

Maxie's Lost Birthday
Maxie's Lost Birthday
So, how old is he, really?

Maxie says: "I lost my birthday crossing the International Date Line flying to Japan. I got this cake and my picture in the paper because of the novelty of the event"

My partner noticed that the cake was evidently decorated by someone who was trained in the Lambeth method -- the unusual fondant-type icing can be used to build up the edges of the frosting

Maxie at the North Pole
Maxie at the North Pole
Check out that Speed Graphic, camera fans!

Maxie says: "I was covering a story on a scientific expedition to the North Pole on a Ice Breaker. It took 3 months in 1951. The truth of the expedition was -- we were laying radar patterns up thru Alaska and the expedition was just a cover. I didn't find out about this until much later."

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