Lindy E-Mail Networks
Lindy E-Mail Networks
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There are probably those of you out there who don't get enough e-mails from us. So, here is a list, provided by Rich McComas, of other Lindy- related networks that you can subscribe to. Many of these networks have a separate address for subscribing and another for publishing, or sending stuff in to be read by others. Almost all of the networks are affiliated with an online website. "Announce Only" means that they send things out but don't receive material for publication. None of these offers online "chat", however.

When you write a "nice letter" to subscribe, tell the folks how you found them.

SFSWING: Very active Swing dance email list from the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • SUBSCRIBE: Send email with "subscribe" to
  • PUBLISH: Emails to are forwarded to list members
  • INFO/ARCHIVES: visit
  • OPERATOR: Heather Meadows, or

The Swing Foundation

  • ONLINE: For more info, visit
  • SUBSCRIBE: Send email with "subscribe swing YOURNAME" to
  • PUBLISH: Emails to are forwarded to list members

SWING KIDS DANCE CLUB - Seattle, WA, for East Coast and Lindy

SWING SEATTLE CHAT LIST - The digest version is an unmoderated chat list for lindy hoppers in the Seattle area and combines all messages every 24 hours into one large message.

PORTLAND OREGON SWING LIST: For Lindy Hoppers in the Willamette Valley

  • ONLINE: Subscribe online at
  • SUBSCRIBE: List Server []
  • OPERATOR: Jeff Freemen at

CORVALLIS OREGON SWING LIST: Presented by the same people who do Portland's list.

  • ONLINE: Subscribe online at
  • OPERATOR: Jeff Freemen at

EBHOP East Bay Lindy Hoppers: Lindy Hop discussion and events for East side of the San Francisco Bay

  • SUBSCRIBE: Send email with "subscribe ebhop" to
  • PUBLISH: Email to will be forwarded to list members

ISDN Ithaca Swing Dance Network: Swing related activities in New York

  • SUBSCRIBE: Send email with "subscribe isdn-1 YOURNAME" to
  • PUBLISH: Email to will be forwarded to list members
  • IN FO: find out about the list at
  • OPERATOR: As of 1995, owner was Robbert van Renesse at

BYU Swing Kids Club: This Provo UT student club provides discussion and info on Utah dances.

  • SUBSCRIBE: send email to with "swing letter" in the subject header and "SUBSCRIBE SKC_LETTER" on the first line of the body, plus your name on the second line, and your email address on the third line
  • ONLINE/INFO: visit
  • OPERATOR: Robert Richardson at

SW Virginia Swing Dance Society (Announce Only): For information about Swing Dance events in southern Virginia.

  • SUBSCRIBE: send "subscribe swing_dance your_name" to
  • ONLI NE INFO: visit

UCSB SBDC Santa Barbara Ballroom Dance Club (Announce Only): a weekly list of swing events in the Santa Barbara area to members.

  • SUBSCRIBE: Become a member or send a nice email to
  • ONLINE: Learn about the club at
  • OPERATOR: Steve Carlan "The Dancin' Guy",

LA DANCE FORUM (Announce Only): Weekly Los Angeles Area Swing Events and Summary of email topics.

  • SUBSCRIBE: to be added to list, email to automated server (for weekly list) and (for weekly dance forum)
  • ONLINE: find out more at
  • OPERATOR:Margie Cormier at

TSDS Toronto Swing Dance Society (Announce Only): List of workshops and other events sponsored by TSDS for their members.

  • ONLINE: to be added to the list, fill out form at
  • OPERATOR: send email to Michael Wagner at

BOSTON DANCENET (Announce Only): Weekly updates on the Boston swing dance scene through email.

  • SUBSCRIBE: to be added to the list, send a nice email to
  • SAMPLE: download a sample from
  • ONLINE INFO: for most updated info, visit
  • OPERATOR: send email to Benson Wong at

SWISS SWING DANCE SOCIETY: Find out about events all over Europe and all over the world.

  • ONLINE: Subscribe online at
  • OPERATOR: Send email to Tim Kask at

LINDY HOP IN SWEDEN - A Swedish-based mailing list and archive for information about Lindy Hop, with a focus on Lindy in Europe. The "lindy" list has been discontinued, but there is now an "ebba" list presumably for the 600 members of the Swedish dance club. This is NOT in English.

  • SUBSCRIBE: Send email with "subscribe ebba" to
  • PUBLISH: Emails to are forwarded to the list members
  • OPERATOR: Lindy operator was Oliver Trepte, email to

And, of course we also have our own e-mail network here at Lindy Week in Review. We send out mailings three times a week.

  • Monday: The Upcoming Week is mailed with news of Lindy events in the DC/Baltimore area
  • Thursday: The Dance Forum is mailed with articles by and about Lindy Hoppers
  • Friday: The Dance Reviews are mailed, bringing you up to date on what has happened during the past week.

Everything that is in the e-mails goes up on the website on Sunday night. However, due to the restricted size of e-mails, not everything that is on the site goes out in the broadcasts. We do this as a service to the folks who can receive e-mail but who cannot access the internet. Our list is confidential and we have no advertising. All you have to do to get on it is send a "nice e-mail" to jitterbuzz. Send stuff that you want to publish to the same address. Generally, we publish everything that gets sent in, although we are not particularly interested in religious, political or sexually explicit materials.

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