Jeff and Jen
Jennifer and Jeff's Wedding
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Jump Alley was the Band

Jen and Jeff!

On Saturday, July 5, 2003, Jennifer Hammond and Jeff Jackson were married at the Old Town Hall in Fairfax. Jen and Jeff are our team-mates on the Eight Week Wonders and they were kind enough to share their evening with a whole lot of their dancing friends from DC and Richmond. The ceremony was very moving and Jenn looked just radiant in her bridal gown.

With the formalities done, the group was able to get down to the serious business of dancing following a very nice buffet catered by the Red, Hot, and Blue barbeque restaurant. The band Jump Alley, our friends from New Market kept the evening swinging.

There was a small bit of confusion about names. The bride's father is named George Custer and the Groom's father is named Michael Jackson. This proved to be an interesting topic of conversation for the rest of the evening.

Following the traditional "First Dance", the Bride changed into an outfit more suited to Swing Dancing. In fact, it was the dress that she wore when she first met Jeff -- at a swing dance, of course. Those of you who are interested in marriage should take hope -- here is yet another couple who met on the dance floor. (At latest count, Tom Koerner tells me that 42 couples have formed and wed in his dance classes.) We heartily encourage all of you who are thinking about marriage to do so -- and have your reception on a night when there isn't much going on at the regular dance venues. All of your dance friends will be more than glad to amaze your family and eat you out of house and home! Well, not quite, but many people have remarked to us that a Swing Dance wedding seems to be a whole lot more fun and much more memorable than the alternative. Our advice is to forget about the "wedding consultants" and "Signature Colors" and all the other outlandishly expensive ephemera of weddings -- just hire a big hall, fill it with a big band and the fun will take care of itself.

Of special note are Libby Wightman and Keith Rocco who play Keyboards and Guitar (respectively) for Jump Alley -- their Wedding was held exactly one week later on July 12, 2003. See! -- weddings are breaking out all over!

The Bride and Groom

The First Dance

Attire more suited for swing dancing

Cutting the Cake

The Traditional Dance Lineup

Libby Wightman, vocalist for Jump Alley

Karyn and Frank

Libby and Keith

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