Frederick hangar Dance
2002 Hangar Dance
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
Another Great Re-enactment

Swingin' in the Hangar

The Wings of Freedom Fredrick Air Show was held August 17-18, 2002, featuring an exciting array of vitage aircraft from the collection of the Confederate Air Force. A favorite tradition of Wings of Freedom is the World War II Hangar Dance on the Friday evening (August 16) before the show. This kick-off event sets the tone for the weekend by taking you back in almost every detail to the early 1940s. From the warbirds parked in front of the hangar to the big-band sounds of Swing Shift, the guys and gals in uniforms, "zoot suits", and other period garb step back to a time when swing was king.

The evening began with complimentary swing dance lessons by Ellen and Marc, and then everyone jumped in!

Swing Shift, led by Gary Henson on trumpet brought the night alive with the sounds of the Forties. The event has been well attended and is generally a whole lot of fun. Check the show's Website for more photos of the event; also -- Stan Weinstein's Photos provide comprehensive coverage of the event.

Ellen and Marc
Ellen and Marc

This year, Ellen and Marc put together a performance team to do a tribute to the Army, Navy and Air Corps

The team
First, the Star of the Show, the B-17
Photo Credit: Tony Nesky

The team
The Whole Team
Photo Credit: Stan Weinstein

The Gals
The Girls

The Guys
The Guys

In Process
The Charleston Segment
Miraculously, everone is dong the same thing!!!
Photo Credit: Stan Weinstein

On Time?!
Wow! We were actually on time!
Photo Credit: Tony Nesky

In Process
The Shim Sham
This was a BIG Group!
Thanx to John McCalla for keeping Shim Sham alive in Frederick!!!
Photo Credit: Stan Weinstein

Arnold and Company
The Rev. Arnold Taylor and Company


Connie and Dave
Connie Lausten and David Horne

Catherine and Mark
Catherine Weber and Mark Walvoord

Heather and John
Heather and Psychoboy made an Appearance

Tony Nesky
Tony Nesky was drafted to start the B-17

The team
The Royal Air Force Contingent
Photo Credit: Tony Nesky

fcc kids
On the left is Eliza, who founded the FCC Swing Kids in the spring of 2001
Right, Elaina who has been with the club since the beginning of last semester

Connie and Tony
Connie Lausten and Tony Nesky

Ron and Bonnie
Bonnie and Ron

the hat
I loved the hat this lady is wearing

Sherri and Doug
Sherri and Doug

Laura and Clay
Debbie and Carl

Karyn and Frank
Karyn and Frank

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