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Robert Gordon Croons!
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An amazing first!

Robert Gordon's Big Band Debut

This event was born last summer when Robert Gordon visited us for the second time. Over coffee at the diner after the performance, he dropped the bomb --- he had always wanted to sing with a big band! This was too good for words, so Tom Koerner set about to make it happen. Four months later, Robert Gordon made his debut as a crooner.

In the meanwhile, the Tom Cunningham Orchestra had some work to do. Namely, their repertoire does not normally include the Frank Sinatra/Nelson Riddle arrangements of "Standards" that Mr. Gordon desired to perform. Thus, the Cunninghams were challenged to become a lounge act.

Everything came together on the night of November 16. The band did one set from its traditional Basie-flavored book. After a brief intermission, the spotlight came on and Robert Gordon came out --- in a Tuxedo, no less. (We hear that water was the strongest liquid that passed his lips that night...) After a slightly awkward start, Robert Gordon hit his stride and delivered a fantastic version of "Witchcraft". From then on, it was history. Candidly, I believe that Robert Gordon should get a lounge act together --- I am certain that it would be a MAJOR hit in both NYC and Las Vegas. The only trouble is that he was so good that we may not see him very much in a dance-friendly format

The event was also momentous in that it marked the Fiftieth Birthday of Charlie Wyler. Everyone wished him well and he proved that he is nowhere near slowing down. Happy Birthday, Charlie

Gordon and TCO
Robert Gordon belted them out!
The Cunningham Band backed him up in Grand Style

Gordon Croons
Robert Gordon
America's newest crooining sensation

Kleinpeter and Wyler
Bob Kleinpeter and Charlie Wyler
More than 100 years of dance experience!

Craig and Andi
Craig and Andi
(or Andrea or A.J. or...)

Doug Pierce
Doug Pierce

Stephanie and jason
Stephanie and Jason

Angela and Lee
Angela and Lee

The Weinsteins
Bev and Ron Weinstein

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