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Archive of Dance Forum Articles From October, 1998

This is the archive of DANCE FORUM articles which appeared during October, 1998

This is the place to review and savor all of those interesting articles written by our erudite readers.

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  1. Hair and Makeup Update (Chris Santarlas)
  2. J Street Jumpers at Forest Glen Oct. 30 (Sue Fedor)
  3. New Dance Venue in Bethesda (Alan Stillman)
  4. Crazy Feet Dance Camp in NYC (Nathalie Gomez)
  5. Swing Events in Philadelphia (Michael VanBuskirk)
  6. Dr. Zoot CD Release Party (Al Peden)
  7. Brian Setzer at State College PA (Douglas Pierce)
  8. Zones Fundraiser (Greg)
  9. Swing in Allentown, Pa (Rosemary Jones)
  10. Swing in Raleigh, NC (Christina Nifong)
  11. Origin of the "Dean Collins" Style (Charles Wyler)
  12. Hand Dance Event (Erika Watson)
  13. ALHC - Need a ride? (Elizabeth Engel)
  14. Bands at the Lucky Bar (Paul Lusty)
  15. New Morty Show at the Birchmere (Debra Sternberg)
  16. Anna in Sweden..... (Anna Duncan)
  17. Swing Event at the George Washington University (Jayna Ann Morgan)
  18. Back to Denver (Susan)
  19. Lindy Hop at Montgomery Blair High School! (Sue Fedor)
  20. Vintage Shoes!!! Go and Get 'Em! (Tricia Reneau)
  21. Yikes! Phil Collins! (Sue Fedor)
  22. More on the Origin of the Dean Collins Style (Charlie Wyler)
  23. Captain Sellers, Report for Duty! (Steve Devoney)
  24. Swinging in Tokyo (Maki Shiraishi )
  25. SWING MANIA! At Webster Hall (Lee Sobel)

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Hair and Makeup Update
By: Chris Santarlas

Hi Gals!
Hair and Makeup Classes will be coming to an end this coming Saturday, October 17th, so sign up for the last class! Advanced Makeup will be held on Saturday, October 17th at 2:00pm. Please feel free to contact Chris Santarlas at 703-521-2992, or at if you have questions. So far, the classes have been alot of fun and have made alot of gals look really good! If you were at VSO, you witnessed the transformations first hand!

Although this particular series is concludes on the 17th, I'm planning to do another series, which will be announced in the next week or so. The classes will be Basic Hair, Advanced Hair and a Glam Makeup class. Prices will remain the same, and I will be providing a makeup kit (to be purchased) for the makeup class.

I would like to arrange classes so that college-going Lindy Hop Dolls will be able to attend the Basic Hair and Makeup class while at home for Turkey day, so send me the Thanksgiving break dates ASAP!

Finally, if you have had a hard time fitting any of these classes into your schedule, and are dying to learn the glam face and 'do, don't fret! I'm doing private sessions. Just give me a call and we'll set you up for an individual class. My schedule is relatively flexible, so just let me know what time works for you.

Thanks to everyone who has been participating in these classes!
See you on the dance floor!
---Chris Santarlas

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J Street Jumpers at Forest Glen
By: Sue Fedor

At the historic and beautiful ballroom at Forest Glen, we'll be jumping the Halloween gun with our very own local-band-makes-good: THE J STREET JUMPERS!!!

Tickets will be $10. You know the drill: lesson 8-9, dancing 9-midnight. Come in costume...consider it a "dry run" to see if your costume is Lindy-able before you go out "trick-or-treating" on the BIG NIGHT.

Call us at 301-565-4376 if you wish to volunteer (and get in free). WE NEED HELP WITH SET UP. Many hands make light work on this.

SOS is having The SOS Landscape cleanup is Saturday Oct. 24. Details on the Save Our Seminary Website . Your money is going back into the ballroom. Keep posted to this website and to ours for more details in the next few months about ballroom spruce-up events--including the ceremonial disposal of the ugly-ass, Laugh-In curtains and the nasty ambulatory carpeting.

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New Dance Venue in Bethesda
By: Alan Stillman

We'd like to invite you to join in the fun at the Bethesda Swing Dance. Held every Saturday evening at 4916 St Elmo Ave in Bethesda, MD (Bethesda Dancesport), this is your opportunity to enjoy dancing on a nice wood floor in a smoke-free, alcohol-free environment while listening to the sounds of 50's rock and roll, big band and Motown - all for just $7. There's a lesson from 8:30-9:30 p.m. followed by general dancing from 9:30-12. Located just minutes from Bethesda Metro (red line), there is also free parking available on levels 4 and 5 of the parking garage at Old Georgetown Road/Woodmont Ave.

There are directions on our web page at:
or you can email us at

We look forward to seeing you there!

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By: Nathalie Gomez

Hop Swing and A Jump and the Supper Club are happy to present: The first annual NYC CRAZY FEET SWING DANCE CAMP, November 6, 7 and 8 1998 at The Supper Club - 240 West 47th street and New Dance Group Studio - 254 West 47th street For information and registration: Tel (212)604-0689 or


Diego and Marzia Chiodoni (Italy):
6 times world champions in acro swing

Marcus Koch (Germany):
world champion in Boogie-Woogie
world finalist in Lindy Hop

Nathalie and Lionel (NYC and France):
French champions and world finalists in acro swing

Cinthia Millman (NYC):
Cinthia and Frankie Manning created a lecture on the history of the Lindy Hop which she will present us on Sunday. (also a founding member of the NY Swing Dance Society and former Big Apple Lindy Hopper)


Friday night from 10.30pm-4am.
w/Johnny Favourite and an incredible swing dance show.
Aerials like you've never seen before
Time for Crazy Feet participants to check in

Boogie-woogie, rock'n roll, aerials, swing, Lindy Hop, Swing history, etc...
Saturday 11am-6pm at New Dance Group
Sunday 10am-4pm at the Supper Club and New Dance Group
You can take up to 5 different classes/day

Free food and beverages
Party with the Flipped Fedoras
Participate in our Team Match
Compete in either beginner, intermediate or advanced categories. Gift prizes, trophees.
Competition sponsored by Loews Theaters.

registration forms are on the web (special events) or call 212-604-0689 and leave your name and address to receive a registration form.

RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!!!! CLASSES FILL UP QUICKLY. (Limited number of students per class) It's $150/person for a full week-end pass or $100 for full time students. You have to buy it before October 12.

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Swing Events in Philadelphia
From: Michael VanBuskirk

Fridays, Swing Dancing at Eighth Floor, 800 North Delaware Ave. Phila., Jitterbug instruction by Jane Liebman 9-10, Live music & dancing 10-1, DJ 1-2. For info., 215-576-6864, or Eighth Floor at 215-922-1000
Band Schedule:

  • 10/9 Jez Hot Swing Club
  • 10/16 Big Nite Out
  • 10/23 Ken Ulansey Ensemble
  • 10/30 Big Nite Out
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Dr. Zoot CD Release Party
By: Al Peden

Hey Frank and Carol
Dr. Zoot and the Suits will be having a CD release party will be next Thursday at 9pm at Heaven (Downtown Pittsburgh). We are eagerly awaiting the CD from the duplicators. I think it turned out real good , the songs are strong and the recording professional.

Hope you can make the CD release party , if not spread the word anyhow

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Brian Setzer at State College PA
From: Douglas Pierce doug@thresholdmultimed

The Brian Setzer Orchestra is coming to State College on Sunday, November 8, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $25 and the floor will be open for dancing. It's a new sports arena with a wooden floor.

Keith Yeager's friend, Linda Block lives up there will get tickets for some people from the DC area who want to go. It's only a 2.5 hour drive! Keith is collecting money from those who want tickets. We need the money by next WED (10/14/98)
---Doug Pierce
Keith Yager

Zones Fundraiser
By: Greg

On October 23rd, ZONES is hosting a fundraiser for PROJECT NORTHSTAR, an organization dedicated to providing tutors for local disadvantaged children. Many of these children have gone on to universities and other educational programs that seemed beyond their wildest dreams before entering the program. Check out their Web SIte at

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Origin of the "Dean Collins" Style By: Charles Wyler

Hi guys,
I just read a comment forwarded by Kenny Roesel concerning the origin of the Dean Collins style whicn I first heard at the ASDC last year during the awarding of the Dean Collins award. The explanation of who Dean was and what he ment to dance was one of the most carefully worded political statements that I have ever heard, very diplomatic and as such I kind of took to be revisionist history. The man himself has long since passed and so we will never know the real how and why, and while some of his contemporaries are still alive I have heard them admit that they didn't like him much at all, so no help there. The idea that he sat down and figured out a lindy figure that would be easy to photograph for movies just dosen't ring true to me. First of all Lindy, any style, photographs quite nicely, thank you. It's West Coast that loses something in the translation.

I had a conversation with Jack Carey(winner of the 1949 Harvest Moon Ball) about West Coast and Collins style last year and his explanation was this " It all started when some girl went out backwards, the music was fast and she just went out backwards (facing back to the man on 5 )" Knowing how Americans dance and what we all do on the dance floor, ie. saving the good "mistakes" this seems to make the most sense to me. Shall we try to reconstruct the conversation?

  • Dean: hey, that was really cool
  • Jewel: huh?
  • Dean: that was really cool, that thing you did
  • Jewel:(playing dumb) what thing?
  • Dean: on 5, that thing on 5
  • Jewel: five?
  • Dean: Yeah, that thing on 5
  • Jewel:(rolling eyes) humph!
  • Dean:(urgently) When you WENT OUT backwards on 5.
  • Jewel: read my lips, I DON'T WANT TO GO OUT WITH YOU!!
  • Dean: that's not what I SAID! What I said was, I liked that you turned to face me on five, it was just what I've been looking for....
  • Jewel: I turned back to face you because I'm tired of the way you are always checking out my BUTT!!
  • Dean: (busted) I was not. I was checking out your swivels!
  • Jewel:(playing dumb no longer) I don't swivel on 5.
  • And so on....

Well, sorry for the humor but the whole thing ain't that serious. There were many styles of Lindy, as many as there were dancers. So pick one or two or three and enjoy. It ain't Strictly Ballroom. By the way if anyone out there has ever had a conversation with Dean Collins in which he alluded to sitting down with a stage director, lighting director and a paper and pencil to create his style let me know. I'd like to hear it.

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Hand Dance Event
by: Erika Watson

On November 14th, from 9 PM to 3AM. The National Hand Dance Association of Washington D.C., in collaboration with My Sister's Closet, (a non-profit organization) will celebrate and swing at the Solar Eclipse Nightclub at 2820 Bladensburg Rd. NE off New York Ave. (Evening Attire) Price of tickets in advance $10 at the door $12 Proceeds to benefit homeless women seeking employment My Sister's Closet provides teaching modules and life skills to aid these individual who reentering the work force. the organization was founded by Brenda Townes. September 1998 marks the 1st anniversary of the organization provided intergated services to Mt. Camel House, (a half house for homeless women) Please come bring all the members of your group for evening gala of fun while we building the purse to help those in need. We are also selling patron ads. Please contact Erika Watson at 202-339-6554 or

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ALHC - Need a ride?
By: Elizabeth Engel

The Engels are actually OFFERING a ride! Will wonders never cease?

Jim and I are all registered for the American Lindy Hop Championships in NJ at the end of the month. We're planning on renting a car for the weekend, which we'll pick up at National Airport on the morning of Friday October 30. We'll be driving up during the day

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