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  1. April Swing Movie Update (Jim Engel)
  2. 1999 Lindy Hop World Championships (Paulette Brockington)
  3. "Swing Time Live" at Trump Marina (Ryan Anderson)
  4. Cherry Poppin' Daddies in York, PA (Eimear O'Sullivan)
  5. Oklahoma and Swing --- Part 1 (Claire A. Johnson)
  6. Oklahoma and Swing -- Part 2 (Christopher Gellasch)
  7. "Bird" Honored (Sue Fedor)
  8. Joe Williams (Sue Fedor)
  9. The Mystery of the Lost Continentals at Nation (Sara Wilson)
  10. Favorite Movies (Mara Levy)
  11. Anna Update... (Anna Duncan)
  12. Bowling night at GWU (Jayna Morgan)
  13. New HOTS Jazz Orchestra Tour of Northern France (Donald Wickham)
  14. Seder at Ellen Werther's (Sue Fedor)
  15. The MHS Swingers (Sean Brody)
  16. Wynton Marsalis CD (Mark Judge)
  17. Joker's Wild (Robert Wagner)
  18. Swing Contest in Phoenix (Shanna Hogan)
  19. Swiss Bircher Meuseli (Sue Fedor)
  20. Spats (Joe Gatti)
  21. Swing Out New Hampshire (Mark Kapner)
  22. Oklahoma and Swing -- Part 3 (Christopher Gellasch)
  23. DANCEATHON!!! (Anne Amarga)
  24. Red Norvo Obituary (Sue Fedor)
  25. The World Lindy Hop Champions are Coming to Town (Ellen Engle)
  26. I Got Yer' Bowties Right Here!! (Meridith Byrne)
  27. Duke Ellington Birthday Celebration at Glen Echo (Janice Saylor)
  28. Dancing in Eugene, Oregon
  29. More '40s Hairdo Classes (Chris Santarlas)
  30. Sad News (Debra Sternberg)
  31. Dance With the Beginners (Sue Fedor)
  32. Charlie and Jane's New Session (Charlie Wyler)
  33. Sara Fajkowski's Birthday (Liz)

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April Swing Movie Update
From: Jim Engel

Every month I go through the listings for AMC and TMC to see if a recognize any swing dance movies that are coming up. Most of the movies this month have aired in the few previous months but there are a couple of new ones.

Take note that "Radio City Revels" is playing which hasn't aired for a while and on the 29th AMC is doing some specials on swing. There are two shows which haven't aired before: one is a Duke Ellington special and the other is a modern one with the Cherry Poppin' Daddies.

Turner Classic Movies (TCM)

  • Radio City Revels (1938), Monday 12th, 1130am-130pm
  • A Day at the Races Thursday 1st, 200pm - 4pm
  • Swing Fever Thursday 15th, 1215am-200am (actually this will be on the morning of Friday the 16th but the TV papers consider 6am to be the next day.....go figure)

American Movie Classics (AMC)

  • Tea for Two Saturday, April 3rd, 405pm-600pm
  • Duke Ellington Shorts Thursday, April 29th, 1pm-130pm; Thursday, April 29th, 530pm-600pm
  • Swing Special Featuring the Cherry Poppin' Daddies Thursday, April 29th, 1000pm-1100pm

Also on AMC will be The Benny Goodman Story and The Glenn Miller Story which will air throughout the month.

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1999 Lindy Hop World Championships
From: Paulette Brockington

I'm writing for two reasons. First, the American Lindy Hop Championships which I presented last October met with a wonderful response. So in case anyone doubted the a second appearance. Have no fear it will happen again Oct. 29. 30, 31, 1999.

Due to the success of ALHC I have been approached to have the event become the qualifying event for the 1999 Lindy Hop Championships. As I understand it from Dominique DeCoster who made the invitation the World Championships were first produced by the now defunct World Lindy Hop Federation. Several of those people reorganized as The International Lindy Hop Association. That organization however has not mustered the speed enough to continue the World Championship series.

So Dominique, who is on the board of each suggested that the World Rock and Roll Confederation oversee the continuance of the World Lindy Hop Championships. The 1999 World Championships will be in the U.S., 2000's in England.

The United States is a very large country. And since I can only accommodate no more than a dozen couples in the qualifying division of ALHC. I would like to suggest that 3 or 4 qualifying events happen before Oct. 1999. I would like to see at least four organized so that the United States can truly be represented in the finals at ALHC. But of course that depends on whether you or someone you know might be interested in hosting it. I think there should be a qualifying event somewhere along the pacific, in the west, in the Lake States and in the east. After speaking with Dominique and looking over WRRC rules I would like to suggest that each of these be a Just Swing, just as it was at the Savoy, wherein anything goes. The finals if any would give the couples an option on whether they want to continue to just swing or perform choreography. At the Savoy the winners were determined by acclamation. I don't know if that is feasible because of the scope of the event. But I am open to suggestions and would like your feedback on this. So what do you think?

The last thing on my agenda is that Nathalie Gomes in NY wants to start a national Lindy organization. Are you interested in that?

I look forward to hearing from you. And please pass this along. The more input I have the better. The last thing I want is for you to think that I am strong arming anything along. Please think about this.
Paulette Brockington
The American Lindy Hop Championships

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"Swing Time Live" at Trump Marina
From: Ryan Anderson

The Trump Marina in Atlantic City, will host "SWING TIME LIVE!," The Largest Swing 'Fest' On The East Coast, April 17

Atlantic City NJ- Add 4 hot swing bands, 2 stages, 2 giant martini bars, non-stop music and a dance contest with cash prizes, and you get Swing Time Live! at Trump Marina, on April 17. "Swing Time Live!" is the first in the new Cayman Club Series and is the largest showcase of swing bands in the East Coast. It will feature the hotter than hot swing of The Atomic Fireballs, Bellevue Cadillac, The Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra and Lavay Smith and Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers......"

Check out the web page for the event at:
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Cherry Poppin' Daddies in York, PA
From: Eimear O'Sullivan

I'm the Special Events coordinator at the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center in York PA. We are presenting the Cherry Poppin' Daddies at York College on April 18th at 7 pm. Tickets are $29 general admission. Tickets can be purchased by calling the Strand-Capitol's box-office at (717) 846-1111 or by ordering on line at

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Oklahoma and Swing --- Part 1
From: Claire A. Johnson

Happy to hear you enjoyed your trip to my home state. It's a great place! If you are ever back that way you need to check out a club in Tulsa, MacDaddies. I discovered it on a trip back home! It's a new place ( open only about 6 months ) and is steady with dancers 6 nights a week. The atmosphere is great, you feel like you've stepped back in time! They have various artists and bands playing each night and most importantly a great floor to swing on! Besides having a bandstand and cocktail area floor side, there is plenty of room to relax in deco styled furniture. I can't wait to go back home, if only to go back there again. I am glad that something I have loved for so long is gaining a greater audience, it's a wonderful hobby. I have enjoyed going through this website...keep up the good work.

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Oklahoma and Swing -- Part 2
From: Christopher Gellasch

I finally posted my trip report on the Oklahoma City Swing Scene. Go to my Swing Reviews page to read it. You can copy it onto your trip page if you like. You'll get a kick out of this: I met the 1941 National Lindy Hop Champion : Micky (no "E") Sherman . Contact him at:

National Swing Dance Inc.
Micky Sherman, President
Phone: (405) 755-0315
Fax: (405) 943-0061
2108 N.W. 115th Street
OKC, OK 73120

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"Bird" Honored
From: Sue Fedor

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- Nearly 45 years after his death, Charlie Parker is finally being embraced by his hometown. A bronze sculpture of Parker is to be unveiled Saturday in the historic 18th & Vine District where Parker's saxophone wailed into the wee hours as he helped develop bebop in the 1940s.

Musicians, jazz scholars and family members of Parker are also gathering this week to pay tribute to Parker during a two-day symposium. Parker, who was born in bordering Kansas City, Kan., died in New York in 1955 at age 34.

Parker's family has said that he did not feel he was well received in his hometown until after he became famous elsewhere. Mayor Emanuel Cleaver said the tribute is a way to right a wrong.

"Kansas City has never really opened its heart to Charlie Parker, but we're trying to reverse that," Cleaver said Thursday.

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Joe Williams
From: Sue Fedor

When I was a kid, Dad would yell for me to come to the TV everytime Joe Williams was on. He was a regular on Merv Griffin's show and even before I knew who Count Basie and Duke Ellington were, I knew who Joe was. Dad saw to it. Joe was one of his favorities.

One of the songs he made famous was Basie's arrangement of "Everyday I Have the Blues", an arrangement made so familar to us in DC by Tom Cunningham and the wonderful Julian Hipkins.

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Joe Williams, whose smooth baritone and collaborations with Count Basie won him acclaim as one of the great voices of jazz, collapsed and died on a city street after walking away from a hospital. He was 80. Williams apparently died of natural causes, Clark County Coroner Ron Flud said. He had walked several miles Monday and was a few blocks from home.

His wife, Jillean, said he had been admitted to Sunrise Hospital a week ago for a respiratory ailment. The hospital reported Williams missing several hours before his body was found.

Singer Robert Goulet said: "At the age of 80, Joe could sing better than most people at the age of 20. He was one of the greatest jazz and blues singers of all time, and he was such a good man, too."

Williams' appeal stretched to other mediums: He played Bill Cosby's father-in-law, Grandpa Al, on "The Cosby Show" in the 1980s. He and Cosby were friends, and the childhood memories Grandpa Al spun on the show were his own from Chicago.

But his fame was in jazz. Williams became a sensation in 1955 when he recorded "Everyday I Have the Blues" with Basie, and the two were together for seven years. Williams repeatedly was chosen the top male jazz singer in readers' polls for Downbeat and other magazines.

"I'm most pleasantly surprised at what still comes out of my throat," Williams said in an 1986 interview. "I'm thrilled and thankful. I remember Edward (Duke Ellington) saying, 'I'm just a messenger boy for God.' Much of what we do comes through us. I thank God for what comes through me."

Born Joseph Goreed on December 12, 1918, in Cordele, Georgia, the entertainer was raised by his mother and grandmother. He found fun in playing the piano and singing the spirituals he heard at the Methodist church where his mother was the organist.

In his teens in the 1930s, he led the singing group The Jubilee Boys in performances in Chicago churches. He later sang solo in a Chicago club, and made his professional debut in 1937 with the late Jimmy Noone.

His big break came in 1943, when Williams was working as a security guard to support himself. He wound up guarding the front door of the Regal Theater and met jazz luminaries such as Duke Ellington. The Regal's manager sent Williams to the Tick Tock in Boston to join Lionel Hampton's band, which had its own powerhouse blues singer, Dinah Washington.

The magic came with Basie. Williams said Basie hired him on the advice of his band. "Basie said, 'I can't give you what you're worth. But, things get better for me, they get better for you.' I had the good sense to go with him," Williams recalled. The two played together from 1954 to 1961, and Williams often performed with Basie until his death in 1984; Williams dedicated his renditions of "You Are So Beautiful" to Basie.

"As a talent, he was one of the best blues singers in the world and also one of the best ballad singers," added friend and singer Buddy Greco. "There will never be anyone like him, again." Tony Bennett recalled Williams once telling him: "It's not that you want to sing, it's that you have to sing." "He defined who I really am," Bennett said in 1992.

Even in his later years, Williams sang on cruise ships, at festivals, in hotels and clubs, working about 40 weeks a year. He was an avid golfer.

Besides his wife, Williams is survived by his son, Joe; and his daughter, Anne. Funeral information was not immediately available.

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The mystery of the Lost Continentals at Nation
From: Sara Wilson

Can anyone tell me if last Saturday's show (3/27) with Lost Continentals at Nation was cancelled...or what? We showed up at 9:30pm, expecting to catch the last hour of "Swing Nation" and to check out the "Velvet Nation" event afterward, but the front doors were locked, no-one was around, and the music we could hear through the back doors was club music--not swing of any kind. We were very disappointed and confused (and had a fledgling swing student we were trying to entertain)!

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Favorite Movies
From: Mara Levy

Hey everyone,
The dancers in LA came up with the bright idea of requesting all our favorite movies from TMC. Movies like Buck Privates, Hellzapoppin', Ride 'Em Cowboy, Swing Fever... there's a million more. Does someone (Jeff, Jim?) want to post some other ideas? Or just ask them to play old swing movies. We're trying to get dancers from all over the country to participate, so let's make sure DC does its part!
Thanks all,

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Anna Update...
From: Anna Duncan

Hi All...
Wow, I've been gone so long that I've almost forgotten all the usual faces. Alas...

Well I am now living here in Norfolk VA with my betrothed Ken. He is my best friend, and has been for the past nine years and I'm happier than a bug in a rug. Dancing has been slow because

  • A:there aren't many places here to do it. and
  • B:I've been redecorating and painting our house and that sucks up ALL my free time.

BUT I do have plans to go and talk to the owner of a club down here who wants to get a swing night started. Three people have reccomended me to him and so now he is looking for me...Lets see if I can take over Tidewater with Lindy Hop.)

Anyway, here is a link to our website: (p.s. my sweetie is a graphics artist...enjoy)

www.pilot.infi .net/~arcangel/equinox
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Bowling night at GWU
From: Jayna Morgan

Here's an event that the Jitterbugs Swing Club at GWU is holding:

Jitterbugs Swing Club presents Friday, April 16th Swing and Bowl at GW in the Marvin Center's Bowling Alley (the only public bowling alley in DC) 5th floor or the Marvin Center (corner of H and 21 St. NW) There will be swing music playing throughout the evening while you can bowl. Nice wood floors to dance on while waiting for your turn to bowl.

Open to the public Swingers- try to get there between 8:30 and 9:00 before the regular bowlers get there, or you will not get a lane

Questions? e-mail or call Jayna Morgan @ 202-242-0605

More info and upcoming events at GWU:

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New HOTS Jazz Orchestra Tour of Northern France
From: Donald Wickham

The New HOTS Jazz Orchestra will be touring Northern France June 16-29, 1999 and we have few openings for individuals who would like to join us.

Enjoy dancing and sightseeing in Paris, Normandy, Orleans, Chambord, Fontainbleau, Loire Valley, etc. Join the New HOTS Jazz Orchestra during its 16 day tour of Northern France, June 16-29,1999. We have openings for a few individuals who like to have fun and have the stamina to keep up with a very active, adventurous group. Cost is $1,500 per person, which includes air fare, lodging in double hostel rooms w/bath and breakfast, and ground transportation in 7-passenger self-drive rental vans. We are finalizing arrangements now. Contact Jack Elder for more information; phone: (703) 264-9891 or E-mail:

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Seder at Ellen Werther's
From: Sue Fedor

On Thursday, Ellen Werther invited a group of us into her home to share the second night of Passover with her family (she and her son). Two of her Jewish friends showed up, plus Ron Haron. The rest of us were Gentile neophytes: myself, Mike Henry and Elisabeth and Jim Engel. At first, it started off as if Woody Allen had scripted it... Ellen had worked on the Haggadah (the prayer book) all night and when she went to print it, her printer jammed. Jim and Elisabeth finally got the thing working, but her printer is s-l-o-w....there was no way we could wait for nine sets of a seven page Haggadah. Two sets printed out and we took turns reading.

Once we got started, things turned serious. Passover is a feast that celebrates freedom. It renews the commitment of the Jewish tradition to fight for freedom where it does not exist and defend and treasure it where it does. Naturally, our thoughts turned to Kosovo, where, unfortunately, some folks who cannot let the past stay in the past, feel the need to torture, persecute, and kill their "enemies". Even the Jews themselves struggle in their own homeland to maintain freedom while protecting the rights of the minorities who share their land. Freedom is a glorious gift with an awesome responsibility to constantly recognize the the rights of others.

During the feast, we consume bits of horseradish to remember the bitterness of life. We eat an apple/walnut/honey mixture to remember the sweetness of life. We break the matzoh and share it to remember that we are one community. This was the feast from which Christians believe Jesus generated the Eucharist. I noted to Ellen that Jesus' contemporaries probably thought that he was strange to celebrate Passover outside the context of family. Scholars think that Jesus was a member of the Essene sect (a sect of celebate ascetics who renounced family in exchange for more spiritual pursuits).

From the subline to the ridiculous, once again. This time, Carl Riener showed up to script the evening. How do you serve matzoh ball soup to two folks who are vegetarian and one person who is allergic to eggs? One veggie abstained altogether, munching on cruelty free matzoh and the other veggie broke ranks and consumed soup with the veggies and the matzoh. However, Mr. Egg Allergy had to have the pesky matzoh ball bits scooped from his soup. Ron, Mike, her son, Jonathon, and myself treated ourselves to second helpings. The soup was outstanding! Next came the sweet potato/prune/apricot casserole, a delectable beef brisket, the traditional apple/nut mixture (brought by Ellen's friends), and lots and lots of asparagus brought by the Engles.

The food was outstanding. Ron brought the dessert: a flourless cake purchased at the store off the Passover list. We joked that the only difference between the Passover list and the Easter list was that the Passover cakes did not have crosses or bunnies on them! Ellen's grandparents were Hassidic Jews from Italy. Her mother was named after the town, Lauria. So we collectively discussed the difference and similarities between Jewish and Italian mothers. Having had an Italian mother and knowing several Jewish mothers, I think they're cut from the same cloth, myself.

As per usual, once Ellen's Jewish friends (non dancers) left, the talk turned to dancing. We retired into Jonathan's room (he graciously cleaned it up for us!) to watch a tape from the 1993 ASDC! Ellen's apartment is VERY SMALL and we barely fit. Next year, Ellen wants to feed even more people so we may be moving this to our house! No, I'm not Jewish, but Ellen assures me that all I need to do is thoroughly clean my kitchen (which makes Steve VERY HAPPY) and toss out all flour products. Since I have two kitchens, I can easily move all offending items into the spare.

This reminds me of the Sinagoga Santa Maria in Toledo, Spain. During its 500 year history, it was used as a mosque, a synagogue, a Catholic church and now, back to a synagogue. The ultimate in recycling. At one time in Toledo's history, all three faiths lived peacebly together. One could say the same for Bosnia and Kosovo. Would that it could be like that again.

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The MHS Swingers
From: Sean Brody

Dear Guys,
I represent the Marina High School Swingers Club --- I publish the website. I don't need to explain to you what we do, since you do it too. Marina High School is in Huntington Beach, CA, kinda far from you guys, but if you're ever in the LA, look us up please, if you're available to come in for a casual teaching-session. I, myself, am a regular at Disneyland Swing, Saturday nights, and will be competing for the second straight year in 1999, in the World Amateur Swing Open, at the Disneyland hotel. If you get a chance check out our webpage

MHSSwinge rs

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Wynton Marsalis CD
From: Mark Judge

Hey guys -
One of the perks with being a journalist is that you get sneak peeks at stuff. Last week a package arrived from Jazz at the Lincoln Center in New York. Inside was a cd and videotape of Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln cenetr Jazz Orchestra performing the songs of Duke Ellington. The cd is one of the best, most well-rounded swing albums I've ever heard. and the tape - hang on, kids - has swing dancing!! Marsalis says he "loves to swing," so they got a bunch of lindy hoppers to play for. For those of us who think jazz has gotten too institutionalized - it was a shock when Benny Goodman played Carnegie Hall, now that's about the only place you'll find good jazz - this is a blessing. (It's wonderful to hear dancers clapping and hooting on a jazz album; ususally it's the critics and jazz snobs deadly silent.) Frankie is on the tape, as is another elder statesman of swing (Mr. Slyde?). It airs May 12 on PBS. The cd is out April 13, and it is a wise buy for dancers and music lovers.

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Joker's Wild
From: Robert Wagner

Joker's Wild is a U Md band that has been performing locally. Check out our website at:

Joker's Wild

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Swing Contest in Phoenix
From: Shanna Hogan

Jones Soda is sponsoring a huge swing event in Phoenix, AZ and the winner will be photographed and featured on 250,000 Jones Soda bottles and win a trip to Swing Camp Catalina. This contest should appeal to non-Arizona residents as well.. If you have any questions please contact me at

Check out :

Jones Soda Swing Contest

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Swiss Bircher Meuseli
From: Sue Fedor

The first time I had this, Steve and I were visiting some of his friends in Switzerland. The meusli was served in a large bowl along with fresh croissants (gipfeli) and bowl of boiled eggs off to the side. It's just the thing to whip up when Marcus and Barbl come over...low in fat, high in calcium, and high in fiber. Great fortification for a day of Lindy Hop.

  • 1 large container of vanilla yougurt (you can only seem to get the low fat kind anymore, much to Marcus' dismay)
  • 1-1 1/2 cups of Familia Meuseli (Dr. Bircher's original recipe--something like 6 grains and nuts--he was the Mr. Kellogg of Switzerland) depending on how creamy you want the consistency, vary the amount. Remember that when it sits for a while, the meuseli grains absorb the moisture of the yougurt. If you put in too much, it becomes rather sticky.
  • About a cup and a half of any fruit you have to spare: kiwi, strawberries, apple or pear chunks, peach bits, grapes, mangos,'s also a good use for star fruit (clean throroughly, slice width-wise into "stars"). You can serve it in a melon half, if you wish. We did that for Marcus and he threatened to move in with us permanently.

You can make the day before and refrigerate overnight, but I would not let it keep too long as the cut up fruit can get runny. Sometimes, I sprinkle cinnamon or freshly ground nutmeg on top.

This easily feeds about 4-6 people depending on how hungry they are. If you serve with toast, bagels or muffins, you could extend this to 8 or 10.

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From: Joe Gatti

Frank and Carole,
Thought the Lindy Community might like to check out this new site featuring spats. (Check out the picture when you click on the 'Midas' link). Very cool look. I called and ordered myself a couple pair. I haven't thrown out my black and whites, but these sure are gonna make my feet 'talk' on that dance floor. Pass it on!!

Spats Website

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Swing Out New Hampshire
From: Mark Kapner

Hi Frank and Carole,
I'm writing to let you know about Swing Out New Hampshire, a new Lindy Hop Camp which will take place over Labor Day Weekend 1999 at Camp Walt Whitman in Piermont, NH. We're very excited about the lineup of teachers, and hope some of your e-readers will join us for an end-of-summer Lindy fling.

Mark Kapner and Camp Walt Whitman Present
Swing Out New Hampshire
Lindy Hop Dance Camp at Camp Walt Whitman - Piermont, NH
Thursday September 2 - Monday, September 6

Join us over Labor Day Weekend 1999 for three full days of classes and four nights of dancing, combined with a real summer camp experience in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Experience great teachers, delicious food, gorgeous scenery and the finest Lindy Hop music from Joe Salzano and The Blue Devils and the nations best Swing DJ's. There will be charter busses available from New York and Boston.

World Class Instructors:

  • Steven Mitchell (LA)
  • Kenneth and Helena Norbelie (Sweden)
  • Paul Overton and Sharon Ashe (San Francisco)
  • Beni Furrer and Ulrika Thulin (Sweden)
  • Bill Borgida (Ithaca, NY)

Check out our website:

Swing Out New Hampshire

email: Swing Out NH
Leave a message at: 607-272-0074

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Oklahoma and Swing -- Part 3
From: gChristopher Gellasch

I spent a week and a half in OKC for work and attended 3 swing events. The first was a St. Patrick's Day block party in Bricktown. There was a beer tent set up in the middle of a parking lot and the local swing band, The Martini Kings, were one of the groups that played. Most of their songs were new swing covers (BBVD, CPD, RCR) and very fast. The thing that shocked me was that lots of people were dancing but upon closer inspection, hardly any of them were doing any form of swing or Lindy! A few nights later, The Martini Kings played at the Will Rogers Theater (a special events venue rather than a nightclub) and it was a really good show. The opening band, Swing Set, was playing only their second live show and had a decent sound. The lead singer definitely had a blues background and it came through in his singing. The Martini Kings were really tight and played a variety of newer swing covers, old favorites, and some original numbers. They have a CD coming out in April.

I also ran into Chris Gehant who is the leader of the local swing troupe, The Swing Cats. It turns out that Chris and I both learned swing in Denver at the Mercury Cafe (Keith and Marci's free lessons). He is from Colorado but goes to the Univ. of Oklahoma and travels to swing and Lindy workshops all over the country (the joys of college life). The SwingCats webpage is worth checking out.

The only regular weekly swing event I heard about is Sunday at the West Side Lion's Club. Normal attendance at these DJ'ed events is typically around 30 people but only 8 showed up when I was there. The swing scene is very small and most people like the music but don't know how to dance. There are lots of places to learn East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop but not many places to dance. Chris told me that most club owners are not receptive to Swing Nights (sounds like Baltimore) but he is working on it.

One other item of note, while I attended the Lion's Club dance I met the 1941 National Lindy Hop Champion : Micky (no "E") Sherman . Contact him at:
National Swing Dance Inc.
Micky Sherman, President
Phone: (405) 755-0315
Fax: (405) 943-0061
2108 N.W. 115th Street
OKC, OK 73120

Visit Chris Gellasch's Internet Crossroads

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From: Anne Amarga

Hi Frank,
We're hosting a Swing Danceathon for the Leukemia Society on Sunday, April 11 from 7 pm to 12 midnight. Hope we can get a lot of people to come!! It's free (we just hope that everyone will make a donation to the Leukemia Society), and it's gonna be in GW's Marvin Center Ballroom! Here goes:

Get ready to swing the night away for a good cause!!!

On SUNDAY, April 11... put on your dancing shoes and swing all night a SWING DANCEATHON presented by AMSA (American Medical Students Association) and the Jitterbugs Swing Club

  • WHERE: Marvin Center Ballroom (800 21st Street, NW, between H and 21st Street, orange/blue line Foggy Bottom Metro)
  • WHEN: SUNDAY, April 11, 1999
  • TIME: 7 pm to 12 midnight
  • COST: Free!!!! Just bring in your donations, or contribute at the door.

Dance cards (a.k.a - donation sheet) will be available at swing lessons on 4/6. Contact Elaine Fajardo,, or 338-3325 to receive a donation sheet prior to the event, or e-mail The Dance Card Donation Sheet will contain space to write the contributor's name and the amount donated. (If you are unable to obtain a Dance Card prior to Sunday, a sheet of paper with the contributor's name and amount donated will suffice.) Please bring donations and sheets to the Danceathon. All specified donations will go to the Leukemia Society.


We need swing dancers to dance at a GW event, Embassy Dinner. It's on Saturday, April 17 from 7:00pm-10pm. Performers are required to arrive at 6 pm. Dinner will be served to the performers at that time (it's a good dinner to - INTERNATIONAL cuisine, yum!!). We'll be doing a jam that will not take longer than 10 minutes.

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Red Norvo Obituary
From: Sue Fedor

The music in heaven just keeps getting better and better....

SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- Red Norvo, who performed with such greats as Charles Mingus and Frank Sinatra and is credited with introducing the xylophone to jazz, has died. He was 91.

Norvo died Tuesday at the Fireside Convalescent Home, grandson Aaron Corlin said. "He was a fabulous man,'" Corlin said. `"He was always thinking about music, it was his life. ... His position in jazz history says a lot for itself." Born Kenneth Norville in Beardstown, Ill., he taught himself how to play piano and xylophone. By age 17, he was touring with a vaudeville show and later joined the Paul Ash Orchestra. His last name changed to Norvo after Ash mispronounced it to a reporter and Norvo's manager decided the shorter name was more fitting.

During Norvo's tenure with Paul Whiteman's Orchestra, which he joined in 1932, he met singer Mildred Bailey, whom he later married. By 1935, he formed his own sextet that played in clubs on New York City's 52nd Street.

In subsequent years, Norvo and his wife, who were known as "Mr. and Mrs. Swing," formed several groups in New York and Chicago. Among their hits in the 1930s were "Rockin' Chair," "Please Be Kind," "Says My Heart'" and "Have You Forgotten So Soon?"

In 1943, he switched from xylophone to vibraphone, which he played almost exclusively for the rest of his career. In 1945, Norvo joined the Benny Goodman orchestra, and a year later played with Woody Herman's orchestra. He returned to leading his own small groups, forming a trio in 1950 that included Tal Farlow on guitar and Mingus on bass. He also toured and appeared on television with Sinatra.

Norvo continued to perform through the early 1990s, when he suffered a stroke that ended his public performances. Ms. Bailey, whose likeness was featured on a 1996 U.S. postage stamp, died in 1951. Norvo later married Eve Rogers, who died in 1992. Besides his grandson, Norvo is survived by his daughter, Portia.

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The World Lindy Hop Champions are Coming to Town
From: Ellen Engle

Shout 'n' Feel It, featuring Kenneth & Helena Norbelie, the reigning World Lindy Hop Champions, along with 10 other world-class lindy hoppers, (including Anna Lidholm, the 1996 WLHC and Anna Sandesjo, the 1995 WLHC) will be coming to DC in June.

On Sunday, June 13, they will teach a full-day of workshops: Location: University of Maryland Dance Studio College Park, MD Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (one hour break for lunch) That's 6 hours of lessons with World Class Lindy Hoppers!!!!

There will be 3 independent tracks running simultaneously:

  • Startin' at the Savoy: For the Beginning or Beginning-Intermediate Lindy Hopper. Let the World Champions start you on your way to being a FANTASTIC lindy hopper. Emphasis on technique and learning the vocabulary of internationally known moves that will enable you to dance in any city/country
  • Swingin' at the Savoy For the Intermediate or Int-Advanced level Lindy Hopper who has been dancing for 6 months - 2 years. Dancers at this level should be able to smoothly and comfortably dance the Lindy Hop at different tempos and with different partners. Emphasis on incorporating syncopations and new rhythms into your lindy along with more complicated moves and sequences.
  • Stompin' at the Savoy For the truly advanced lindy hopper who has been dancing for 2 years or more. Participants at this level should be able to cleanly lead/follow advanced moves at all tempos, slow or fast. They should also be able to learn quickly without much repetition.

Those of you who have been to Herrang or Beantown or who attended Flying Home here in DC 2 years ago will be familiar with the track system and it's advantages. If you've never been to a "tracked" dance workshop, you are probably wondering "What are the Advantages to this as compared to other special workshops I can attend?":

  • A WHOLE DAY OF CLASSES AT JUST THE RIGHT LEVEL -- Most non-tracked weekends have only one or 2 classes geared to your level. Very few people can really advance from Beginning to Intermediate or from Intermediate to Advanced after spending just one hour in an appropriate class. In most cases, you have a choice of either taking a class that's not right for you (too easy or too hard) or giving up and going home....Not with this system -- There's a full day of classes that are just right for you!!
  • MORE THAN 1 TEACHING COUPLE IN EACH CLASS -- With 12 dancers in the troupe, there will be more than one teaching couple in each class, so you'll get a lot more personal attention than if only 1 couple was coming to DC
  • EACH TEACHER WILL TEACH AT EACH LEVEL -- so you get the best everyone has to offer (and with 4 World Champions among them, they have a lot to offer!!!!) Why not learn from the best?
  • CLASSES SHOULD GO AT THE RIGHT PACE -- Since there will always be a class geared to each person's level, the students in each group should be able to learn at about the same pace -- no less-experienced students slowing things down or more-advanced dancers pushing things faster than you are ready to handle. You get all the moves and FUN, without the usual stresses and hassles.

Cost: $75.00 That's only $12.50/hr to learn from 4 World Lindy Hop Champions!!! It's the BEST DANCE BARGAIN IN TOWN!!!

Registration Forms: Get a registration form at our website,
Brochures are also available at different dance sites around the area, call 301-299-8728

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I Got Yer' Bowties Right Here!!

Meridith Byrne

I just wanted to pass the word around that I've got quite a little collection of vintage bowties on my hands. (Yes the kind that REALLY tie!). I retrieved about 50 of them from my grandfather's collection when I was in New Jersey last weekend. There are more than fifty silk, cotton and linen ties in many colors and patterns. My grandmother was happy to know that I would be able to find good homes for many of them, instead of sending them off to the thrift stores.

I'm selling them for $3 each. All proceeds go to buy my grandmother a nice bottle of Courvoisier. Sorry, I can't show you how to tie them, but I bet there's quite a few gents out there who can! If you're interested in checking them out, see me next time you're out dancing (you're bound to find me, and the ties, at America on Sunday's or Lulu's on Wednesdays) or call me during the day at 202-338-8700.

[Editor's Note: Check out The Bow Tie Club to learn how to tie one of these beauties!]

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Duke Ellington Birthday Celebration at Glen Echo
From: Janice Saylor

On Wednesday, April 28 -- Duke Ellington's 100th Birthday --- there will be a dance 7-11 (with dance lesson) at the Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo. Admission is $8 Music by the Eric Felten Orchestra and the Chantilly High School Jazz Band.

The Chantilly High School Jazz Band (20 pieces) was highly recommended by the Jazz at Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra! I just talked to the band leader for Chantilly -- they're really excited about playing for us. They're reworking their arrangements from concert length to dancing length. So, come on out and show the kids what it's like to interact with a dancing audience.

And, Eric Felten has emailed me several times to let me know that he's found original Ellington arrangements of his dance music. I danced to Eric's 17-piece orchestra at the BET of Jazz taping. It was out of this world!

Remember Duke's thoughts on composition: "When I'm making my arrangements or composing something new, I try to think of something that will make my hearers feel like dancing. It's a primitive instinct, this dancing business, perhaps; but it also signifies happiness. And the desire to step around a little means that people are not bothering very much about the cares of the world, at least for the moment" Duke Ellington, 8 July 1931

If you'd like to volunteer for the Ellington dance, please contact Rick Carter at 202/726-3972. Slots are filling fast!

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Dancing in Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon

  • Mondays: West Coast Swing at Agate Hall (U of O, on Agate between E. 18th & 19th) from 8pm to 10pm. In Eugene Lindy Hoppers despise West Coasters, so if you happen to go to Agate on a Monday, don't mention it to anyone. The dancers here are pretty good, but also very conceited...don't expect to get asked to dance. $4.
  • Tuesdays: Lindy Hop practice from 7:30pm to 9pm at Pacific Nautilus, $2. This is a very relaxed setting that usually has no more than 15 dancers--but they're pretty good.
  • Fridays: Ballroom, Latin and Swing dancing at Gerlinger Hall (U of O) with lessons from 7:30 to 8:30 and a dance from 8:30 to 11:30. $4. This is a very fun event put on by the University of Oregon Ballroom Dance Club every Friday. The crowd here is extremely friendly and of all levels of experience.
  • Saturdays: On the 3rd Saturday of every month there is a Lindy Hop at Agate Hall (U of O, on Agate between 18th & 19th), from 8:30 to 11:30. $5. This event is probably the second-best Swing dance in Oregon (second to Sundays at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland) and there are some really great dancers there.
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More '40s Hairdo Classes
From: Chris Santarlas

Hello, Ladies of Lindy!

Spring is here and Hair Class is back! The class date is May 15; conveniently arranged for pre-Armed-Forces-Day-Dance coiffing! There will be two classes; both teaching the same material, one at 2:30 and one at 4:30pm. Classes will be held at my home in Arlington, VA and the cost is $20.00 per class. NOTE: the same content is being taught in both classes, so you only need to sign up for one class.

First, you will learn basic techniques that you can practice at home, then, we will work on a hairstyle in class. If you are unable to complete the style on your own during the class, I will complete it for you before you leave the class that day. The idea is to start you on your way to hairdo independence, while making sure you are properly glam for the evening's festivities! Sound good? Come on out and take the class!

I will provide hair spray, hair nets, hair pins, bobby pins, and colorful silk flowers for your 'do. Just bring your own brush, mirror, style ideas and any accessories you would like to wear in your hair that evening.

If you would like to take this class, please send your check, with home phone number and preferred time to:

Thanks for your interest in the class! See you soon!

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Sad News
From: Debra Sternberg

Many of you have probably heard by now of the untimely passing of Cameron Sellers' mother. Mrs. Sellers died quietly in her sleep on Tuesday, April 20. Cameron has flown out to be with his family in Arizona, and will probably be remaining there until the weekend of April 30. I don't have any details on his mother's illness or cause of death, but I spoke with Cameron Friday the 23rd and he seems to be holding up pretty well.

For those of you who are interested, the family is accepting donations for Cameron's mom's favorite charity. Please send a check made payable to "Bibles for China," part of the Nativity Lutheran Church's Bibles for China program. Checks may be sent to:

The Sellers Family
1502 East Indigo
Mesa, Arizona 85203

For those of you who would like to send something to Cameron at home, his address is:

Cameron Sellers
4735 North 21st Street, #A3
Arlington, Virginia 22207-2253

I'm sure that hearing from his dance friends will go a long way to comforting him in this time of sadness.

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Dance With the Beginners From: Sue Fedor

It's becoming a routine message now. Each year, we have to remind folks to DANCE WITH BEGINNERS. Please, DANCE WITH BEGINNERS, otherwise they won't get good.

Guys, especially the more proficient ones--AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE--you are very intimidating to beginners. They would never have the nerve to ask you to dance. We no longer have the intimate venues like Dancers that force people together, so we have to take the initiative wherever we are. At Glen Echo, imagine how it was for you the first time you walked in and saw hundreds of unfamiliar faces? Of course, it's fun to dance with Nina, Naomi, Carla, Debra, and Carolyn. And yes, you do learn alot dancing with them. But you can learn a thing or two dancing with a beginner--LIKE HOW WELL YOU LEAD--when someone is a bad follower.

Also, remember us in-betweens. There's a real reason why more gals are leaning how to lead. WE'RE TIRED OF WAITING FOR YOU TO STOP DANCING WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Let's be more democratic on the dance floor.

Gals, HOW ARE WE TO GET GUYS TO DANCE IF WE DON'T DANCE WITH BEGINNER GUYS. Yes, they step on our toes. Yes, they manhandle us. But they also teach us how to hold our own weight and stay centered. We can help them find the phrase and keep the tempo. And they do get better real fast and end up falling in the above catagory where they don't dance with us anymore. Then, it's on to the next victim.

NOTE TO BEGINNERS: Don't be afraid to ask more proficient dancers for a dance. You will never improve if you don't. If any of them spurn you, you come tell me or Debra about it and we'll go out and kick their butts! Frankly, I'm always rather flattered when a beginner asks me, especially if he tells me that he wants to dance with me because he thinks I'm good! (that's how I know he's a beginner, heh, heh...!)

For most of you, I'm a-preachin' to the choir. The vast majority of you are very generous, friendly dancers which is why DC is one of the best dance scenes on the face of the earth. Let's keep it that way! This has nothing to do with being nervous. Consider it a public service to dance at least once or twice in the evening with someone you don't know.

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Charlie and Jane's New Session
From: Charlie Wyler

Charlie Wyler and Jane Ford will be starting a new 6 week session in Hollywood Lindy and Lindy Hop. Wed. May 5th at EMC 3618 Falls Rd. Balto MD 21211. $120 Per Couple$ 60 single Email Charlie, at to register or call 410-366-2626 after 1pm.weekdays.

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Sara Fajkowski's Birthday
From Liz

Hi everyone, this is a friend of Sara Fajkowski's. I just wanted to remind you all that her birthday is April 28th, this coming Wednesday, she'll be 19. She never really makes a big deal out of it although she loves it when people remember. Do something special for her. Send her a card or an ecard to make her day. Thanks!

Sara may be reached at:

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