ttt Eric Felten Delivers!
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
A Hot Time at Glen Echo


On October 5, 2002, the Eric Felten Orchestra played a VERY RARE public appearance ath the Bumper Car Pavillion at Glen Echo Park. He wowed the lareg group of dancers with the incredible sounds that have earned his band so much acclaim and success that most of his work is at corporate and embassy functions. Eric was really happy to get back to the roots- playing fantastic music for serious dancers. Big Mamma Nature cooperated all the way -- it was a very pleasant low-humidity evening that made dancing in the Bumper Car pavillion a real pleasure. Tricia and Thomas gave a well-received beginner lesson. It was a wonderful evening.

Eric felten and Admirers
Eric and Admirers
(l. to r.) Karyn, Chrissy, Angela, Eric Felton, Lara, Greg
Check out Lara and Greg's Diamond Jam Video

Jim and Chrissy
Chrissy and Jim volunteered to take attendance

Eileen and Tom
Elaine Washburn and Tom Ede

Caroline and Ton
Caroline and Tony

Karyn and Frank
Karyn and Gordo
This is our "Mexican Tourist" look

Return of the Prodigals!

This was indeed a wonderful evening, because we noted the return of some folks who have been away from us for much too long. Welcome back!!!

Cindy and Steve
Cindy and Steve
Steve has just recovered form a serious illness
He sure looks sharp in this custom-made Zoot Suit
Check out their Wedding Pictures at Viva Las Vegas

Ari Leavitt
Ari Leavitt

Eric Newton
Eric Newton

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