Dr. Zoot CD PartyDr. Zoot CD Party
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
A GREAT new disc
Dr. Zoot
Dr. Zoot
The Ghost of Swing

Thursday October 15, 1998

We travelled to Pittsburgh, with stops in Bedford and Somerset for some vintage shopping. We found several nice ties and some dresses which I am certain that my partner will be offering soon. However, the main attraction of the trip was a CD release party for "Dr. Zoot", one of our favorite bands. The party was held at Heaven, a downtown nightclub and it was well attended.

Left to right: Sal Ventura, Keyboards and vocals; Chris Goodman, Sax;, Oscar Menosky, Trumpet; Reggie watkins, Trombone; Barely pictured: Al Peden, Bass; Dave Klysz, Drums

Sal Ventura and Al Peden
Sal Ventura and Al Peden
Keyboards: Sal, Bass: Al

The CD, "The Ghost of Swing" is excellent and very danceable. It has a number of really good Lindy numbers. Eight of the eleven songs are new material. They have one of the best covers of "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen" that we have ever heard. You really ought to own a copy. Here's how to get hold of the guys:

Dr. Zoot and the Suits:

  • e-mail: albassguy@aol.com (Al Peden)
  • phone: Sal Ventura 412-351-6503 or Dave Klysz 412-963-7567

Jumpin on the Southside
Jumpin on the Southside
Fah-get about it!

The CD has a very funny novelty tune called "Guido the Mosquito", written by Sal and Al. The song concerns a character named Guido who rats on Uncle Vito. When the wise guys are gettin busted, word goes out that "There's a bug that needs adjusted --- Guido the Mosquito"

Sal cautions "You better zip up" and Al responds with the catch phrase "Ah - Fah-get about it!". I Have been hearing "Ah - Fah-get about it!" from my partner all week. In a cautionary tale, Uncle Vito catches up with Guido, who becomes "a Burrito.". You have to get this CD.

Left to right: Al, Sal, Chris, Oscar, Reggie

Some Website Fans
Some Website Fans
Thanks, guys

These folks recognized us from the website. We talked for about 15 minutes and we showed them some moves. I never thought to ask their names! I have to start carrying around a little notebook! Well, they have written in!

From: Jed Pickel

So I was browsing your web site and I ran into your most recent review of Pittsburgh and the Dr. Zoot CD release party. That band has done so much for the swing scene here in Pittsburgh. I am that cooky looking guy in the picture you put up on your Photo gallery, and dancing with me is Tanya. Geeze... After seeing myself in that picture, I am glad you did not remember my name. ;)

Well I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome and I enjoy your web site. So if all goes as planned I will be at the Chevy Chase Ballroom on November 9th next month. It should be fun to check out some of the DC culture first hand. I have heard so much about how DC is the happenin place for swing. Anyway, if that is one of your regular hangouts perhaps I will see you guys there. O ya... I am working with a friend of mine on an up to date website for the Pittsburgh swing scene. I will drop you a note when we have something decent up.

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