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1940s Britain

Tony Nesky sends us these six links that provide a rare insight into 1940s Britain. We heartily reccommend them!

  1. Did you catch The 1900 House on TV? Well, apparently Channel 4 in Britain has taken a break from its trendy pornography and put a modern family in a 1940's house in Britain under wartime conditions Click here: The 1940's House - Imperial War Museum, London
  2. This BBC site is for children, but has some interesting models of a 1940's home. It's annoying interactive--you have to click on objects in the rooms, but you might enjoy the models. Click here: BBC - Children of World War - A Wartime Home
  3. The sound archive for children is is here: I rather liked the clip of the Lancaster Bomber. Click here: BBC - Children of World War, Sounds
  4. The BBC was hit by bombs in the middle of a newscast, and they managed to make a wire recording of the sound of the impact. Click Here to hear it.
  5. I have to admit that I am amazed at how the Brits managed to live with so little food. Here are some recipes that go beyond "fried bread." I might try the Woolton Pie--it sounds filling and healthy.Click here: Frugal Recipes From Wartime Britain
  6. This isn't retro, but it provides an insight into the British psyche that enabled them to withstand the Blitz. Check out the game show "Just a Minute." The rules are simple, their interpretation is not. Four contestants are given 60 seconds to speak on a subject shown on a card, but they have to do so 'without hesitation, repetition or deviation' from the theme. Only the word or phrase on the card may be repeated. For each correct challenge the challenger is given one point, an incorrect challenge and the person being challenged receives the point. There is also a point for speaking when the whistle blows, and a bonus of one for the incredibly difficult task of speaking for the whole minute
Tony N
Tony Nesky, surrounded by beauty (Karyn and Chrissy)

Photo Credit: Catherine Weber

From Tony N

From Tony N

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