Boppin' and Bowlin'Bop'N'Bowl
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updated 9-13-01

A Legend is Born

The Bones

Rockin' Bones

On June 30, 2001, the Bop'n'Bowl was born at the Maple Avenue Duckpin Lanes in Falls Church. We had a WONDERFUL time, as did the sell-out crowd composed of relatively equal numbers of Swing, Rockabilly and Bowling enthusiasts. I have never seen so many retro bowling shirts in one place!!



Some people were not drinking beer...

The event opened at 8:00 pm and sold out by 8:30. Management had to go out for beer on several occasions...

Everyone was there!

old and young

Age Diversity

The very diverse crowd included some of the area's most experienced dancers (David and Suzanne Jacobs, at left) as well as some recent --- but highly skilled --- converts such as Joe Templeton and David Rehm.

People Having Fun

Cameron and Friend
Cameron sellers and Friend
Karen and Frank
Thelma and Dick (aka Karen and Frank)
Angela and Jim
Angela Carpenter and Jim de Prado
Jim is in the Air Force

marc and ellen
Minnie and Lucky (aka Ellen Engle and Marc Shepanek)
Randy and Tracy
Tracy and Randy
Mike and Chrissy
Mike and Chrissy Hall-Reis
Andy and Cheryl
Cheryl Bauer and Andy Choi
Tricia and Thomas
Tricia and Thomas Iveson
Mike, Eddie and Karen
Mike Wanas, Eddie Day, and Karen Wibrew
Carolyn and Tommy
Carolyn Koerner and Master Thomas Koerner, Jr.

We snapped a lot of people dancing, bowling, or (gasp) cuddling with their sweeties. Little Tommy Koerner seemed to have a grand time.

Bowling Technique

Tracy Bauer had an unusual style...
We were surprised to find out about "Doubles"
in Duckpin Bowling

Folks really took to duckpinbowling..

We think that everyone had a great time clowning around. I don't think that a single pin was intentionally knocked down. (No Bowling Pins were injured during the making of this photoessay...)

The Diner

at the Diner

The Metro 29 Diner

As is customary, every successful event leaves people hungry and ready for the Diner.

Bop'N'Bowl II (9-08-01)

ed and lurene

We were glad to see Lurene and Ed
This was the first night that Lurene could come dancing
with the "official" permission of her doctor

Mike DJ

Mike Wanas of Swing King Vintage
Your DJ for the evening

Three Graces

The Three Graces

couple #1

Everyone seemed to have a good time..

Star Trek

Is that the set for the 1966 version of Star Trek?


JoAnn, Lucas, Karen, Frank

The Second Bop'nBowl (September 8, 2001) didn't draw the big numbers that we saw in June --- but, everyone seemed to have a wonderful time!

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