Boppin' and Bowlin'Bop'N'Bowl XII
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
A Whole Year!

Boppin, Bowling, and Birthdays!

Saturday, September 7, 2002 marked a couple of milestones. It was the twelfth Bop'N'Bowl and a birthday celebration for Linda Parker, Dan Steeples, and myself. I want to give profuse thanks to Ellen Engle and Marc Shepanek for organizing the birthday celebration portion of the event, which came as a complete and delightful surprise. Speaking for the birthday celebrants, we had a WONDERFUL time, and thanks to our friends for turning out!

On the musical side, the evening was a delightful mixture of Zydeco, Swing and Rockabilly. We enjoyed all three bands, Squeeze Bayou, 52 Pickup, the Grandsons. The duckpin bowling wan't bad, either. Thanks again to all who came!

Dan Steeples
Birthday Boy, Dan Steeples
Photo Credit: Robin Cunningham

Linda, Frank, Carolyn
Linda Parker, Frank, and Caroline Alderson

Surprise! Surprise
I Sure was Surprised!!
Photo Credit: Robin Cunningham

Ellen and Marc
Ellen and Marc, the Instigators

Karyn and Ellen
Karyn and Ellen

The Cake
Thanks to Ellen and Marc for the Cake!
Photo Credit: Robin Cunningham

Debra and Robin
Debra Sternberg and Robin Cunningham

Debra and marc
Debra Sternberg and Marc Shepanek

Chris and Pat
Christina and Patrick Crerar

Tony Camera
Tony Nesky was on hand to record the event
Photo Credit: Robin Cunningham

Photo Credit: Robin Cunningham

Andy and Shelly
Andy and Shelley

Busy at the Lanes...
(l. to r.) David, Catherine, Tracy, Hillary, Sue, Gary

Jumpin Joint
The Joint was Jumpin'

Karen and Sandra
Karen and Sandra

Connie, Tony and Debra
Connie, Tony and Debra

Mike, Connie, Ellen
Mike, Connie and Ellen

Steve and Sue
Sue Fedor and Steve Devoney

Tom Webster
Tom Webster

Tony and Thomas
Tony Nesky and Thomas Iveson

Steve and Hillary
Steve Thurber and Hillary Cairnie

Tracy, Tricia and Frank
Tracy Pilkerton, Tricia Iveson and Frank

Abstract Point
Steve Devoney Explains an Abstract Concept

Photo Credit: Robin Cunningham

Mike Henry
Mike henry
Photo Credit: Robin Cunningham

Karyn and Dan
Karyn and Dan
Photo Credit: Robin Cunningham

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