Tom and Robin's AnniversaryCunningham Aniversary
Hi Lindy Hoppers!!!
All our best, kids
Robin and Tom
Robin and Tom
Happy Anniversary, Kids!

Saturday January 23, 1999

This was a very special Saturday at Glen Echo --- it was the Twelfth anniversary of Robin and Tom Cunningham

We at are grateful to the Cunningham band for being there to support Lindy Hop from the very beginning when they would cram the whole band into Dancers back in 1994. Every week, we can look forward to great arrangements and incredible solos. So, Happy Anniversary Robin and Tom!

The Cake
The Cake
And they lived Happily ever after...

We started the day at about 7:30 am. This was our first big opportunity to show off our new line of Custom Cakes. Yeah, we dance, we write and we cook... The occasion was the Twelfth wedding anniversary of Tom and Robin Cunningham, and we decided to celebrate it with the rollout of our "Fairytale Castle" model. (No. XC-1407.b32 in the catalog). This is a cake in the shape of a storybook castle, composed of two fourteen inch layers (lemon-white) with white sugar frosting and battlements, ramparts, crenelations, machicolations, etc, etc constructed of sugar cubes. The cake is presented on a blue mirror with little glass swans "swimming" around the simulated moat. A banner flying from the ramparts reads "And they lived happily ever after."

Soye and Charles
Soye and Charles
Another Special Lindy Hopper

We first met Soye at Ozio and we have seen her regularly. She, like lots of other Lindy Hoppers, turns out to be a VERY interesting person. She studied Violin at Julliard, performed for a while and then went back to become a Lawyer. Talk about multi-talented people.

Debra Sternberg
Debra Sternberg
Leading the Dance Contest

From: Sue Fedor

Saturday started off as kind of a drag. Our kitty cat, Sasha, has been sick lately. The vet recommended that some of her teeth be removed because they were abcessed. When he got a better look, he suspected that she has some sort of mouth cancer. We brought her home, all woozy and sore. She was too woozy to get to the litterbox, so at one point, she peed all over herself. I had to line the tub with towels and shampoo the cat! She was too woozy to fight back, poor thing. A few hours later, she was nice and fluffy and dry.

The vet has given us turbo-charged prednisone (steroids) along with some antibiotics. The hope is that the steroids may kick the the cancer. He said that there is additional chemotherapy we can try later, at a reasonable cost. She's only four-years old, so he's a bit more optimistic than he would be with most cats in her condition.

We took off for Glen Echo and Tom and Robin's wedding anniversary around 10-ish with our fellow Save Our Seminary board member, Eric Whitsell. He watched along the sidelines and vowed, once again, to learn how to swing dance. It was good to be back at Glen Echo and nice to work up a good sweat! Smart people did not dress for January. We went into the sparsely populated jam (most people were at LuLu's) for a change. I keep forgetting how dangerous the move where I jump onto Steve's shoulders looks to the uninitiated. Provided you can get up there in the first place, it really isn't scary at all. Brent was fabulous. Robin was her usual perfection. And I had to laugh everytime I saw Tom C's "Hank Hill" tie. There really is a resemblance.

The Winners
The Winners

These folks son the dance contest, but we were too busy running around to write down their names! Please help us out --- they deserve recognition.

From: Alex Day

Glen Echo was the night for beginners on Saturday. The Jam was sparse (only a few regulars were even there because of the contest at Lulu's), but I had the pleasure of jamming with Erica, which was fun. It was also great because with hardly any really really good people there, the really good people looked great! However, the beginners were kicking everywhere.

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