Model Airplane News
March, 1968

Model Airplane News Cover for March, 1968

Model Airplane News Cover for March, 1968
Lanier "Midget"
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Here is what the blurb about the cover has to say:

"... Betty Borel, wife of well-known photographer C.G. Borel, poses prettily with [C.G.'s] Lanier Midget. Plane is trimmed with MonoKote, powered by a Super Tigre 0.56 [engine] and uses [the] Orbit 6-12 digital system. Photo was taken at the Daytona Beach Florida home base for the Borels. C.G. is a photographer for the Daytona Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. he has been building models for 15 years with the last 5 in Radio Control ..."

About the Model

Over the years, Len Purdy operated Lanier RC, inc. whose contribution to the hobby/sport cannot be overemphasized. Sensing that many potential modelers lacked the skills or desire to build, but wished to fly, Len began producing a line of models now referred to as "ARF" (Almost Ready to Fly). Between 1964 and 1978, almost 150,000 of these models were sold. The ability to repair a dinged wing and continue a contest was demonstrated time and again. These models are being produced yet today under the Lanier name after Len sold the company in 1980.

The "Midget" was reviewed in Popular Science in the June, 1968 issue. You may read the article by clicking to enlarge these photos.

Article on ready to fly radion control model airplanes Popular Science June 1968    Article on ready to fly radion control model airplanes Popular Science June 1968    Article on ready to fly radion control model airplanes Popular Science June 1968

Ready-to-Fly Radio Controlled Model Airplanes
Popular Science June, 1968 Click to Enlarge

About some of those credits:

  • Mono-Kote Before 1960, covering with tissue and dope was the state of the art. When you covered a wing, you started by sanding it smooth. Then you went on to tracing, cutting, doping, drying, misting, more doping and trimming and then you were ready to do the other other wing and the rest of the plane. MonoKote changed all that. It was the first film covering in modeling history and a huge leap forward for modelers.
  • Orbit Electronics was a California firm that was among the first to offer proportional radio control. Non-proportional throttle control is binary (power on or off) You can't signal half speed or anything other than all or nothing. (similar things hold for nonproportional elevators, rudders, etc.) On the other hand, proportional control means you can choose to move the controls in incremental amounts -- a little speed or a lot, a slight turn to the right or a sharper turn to the right. In other words, the model RC reacts in proportion to how much you move the controls on thetransmitter.
  • Super Tigre Engines SuperTigre engines are known for solid, trouble-free performance. Features include dual bearings for long, low-friction life, a one-piece crankcase webbed to prevent distortion and lightweight cast heads to cut weight and cool better. Bolt-through mufflers that can be angled for maximum installation
 Orbit electronics radio control transmitter

Orbit Transmitter used for Mr. Borel's Lanier "Midget"
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