Model Airplane News
February, 1968

Model Airplane News Cover for February, 1968

Model Airplane News Cover for February, 1968
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Here is what the blurb about the cover has to say:

"... Smilong duo on the cover is R/C department editor, Bill Northrop, at left, and Phil Kraft. The plane Phil is holding is the Mark II Kwik-Fli [that] had just finished winning the multi [-channel radio control] pattern [aerobatics] even at the 1967 Nationals. Of course, Phil and his good Kraft equipment contributed to the win. See pages 26-28 in this issue for a complete construction article for the Mark II Kwik-Fli ..."

About the Model

Phil Kraft began experimenting with proportional radio control, and noted that the learning experience took its toll on the models. The Kwik-Fli was designed to meet these needs as a plane that could take a lot of punishment and yet be simple to build. The plane on the cover is the third design evolved from this period of experimentation. The airplane shares a thick airfoil with the Taurus (see the issue. Maneuvers are quite smooth since the airfoil permits a constant speed regardless of attitude.

You may read about the Kwik-Fli by clicking to enlarge the photos below.

Model Airplane new February 1968 Phil Kraft Kwik-Fli    Model Airplane new February 1968 Phil Kraft Kwik-Fli    Model Airplane new February 1968 Phil Kraft Kwik-Fli    Model Airplane new February 1968 Phil Kraft Kwik-Fli

The Kwik-Fli III
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The Kwik-Fli was a very popular model kit issued by Top-Flite.

Here is a video about Phil Kraft that features his original transmitter:

About Phil Kraft

Phil Kraft built and flew model aircraft as a hobby for most of his life and became interested in radio control when the discipline was in its infancy. Since early attempts at Radio Control were unreliable. Because of this, Phil decided to develop his own Radio Control systems. His first design was published in Model Airplane News in March of 1959 and it became the most popular of its type.

In 1962, Kraft perfected a new Radio Control system and began producing it as a part time sideline. At that time, his workforce consisted of a full time technician and two women assemblers working in their homes. Although competition was quite intense, the small company grew rapidly and the company moved from Kraft's garage to a small plant in South El Monte, California, with a more formal name: Kraft Systems, Inc.

In 1964, Kraft introduced the first reliable and practical proportional Radio Control system. In 1966, Kraft joined up with Charles Hayes, a modeler, designer, and toolmaker specializing in precision plastic parts. Kraft-Hayes Products was incorporated in March of 1967 and expanded very rapidly, succeeding in supplying both Kraft Systems and many other manufacturers with servo mechanics, control stick assemblies, and other injection molded plastic parts. Improved mechanical components were used in the Gold Medal Series that Phil used to win in the 1967 World Radio Control Championships. After this, Kraft had dominance in the Radio Control field.

In mid-1972, Kraft Systems, Inc. became a part of the Carlisle Corporation of Cincinnati. Since then, Kraft Systems has expanded its facilities to a manufacturing complex of three buildings devoted almost exclusively to the design and Production of Radio Control products for hobby, sport, and industrial use.

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