Model Airplane News
October, 1967

Model Airplane News Cover for October, 1967 by Jo Kotula WACO YKC Cabin Biplane

WACO "YKC" Cabin Biplane
Model Airplane News Cover Art for October, 1967
by Jo Kotula
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The Waco Standard Cabin series is a range of American cabin biplanes produced by the Waco Aircraft Company in the 1930's. (See the discussion of the WACO WHD in the September, 1935 Issue

The WACO YKC Cabin Biplane      The WACO YKC Cabin Biplane

WACO "YKC" Cabin Biplane
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The standard cabin series were Waco's first successful cabin biplane design, and was based on the F series airframe. The Model C series had a raised centre and rear fuselage to form a four-seat cabin which was entered through a door over the lower wing. The initial QDC model of 1931 had a 165 hp engine. 1932 brought the OEC and UEC models. Continuous refinement and improvement by Waco Aircraft resulted in production of various sub-models continuing until 1939. The Standard Cabin series, with its cabin comfort, proved to be popular with private pilot owners. Many were purchased by small commercial aviation firms and non-aviation businesses. Approximately 135 Standard Cabins series aircraft of several sub-models are currently registered in the USA. In 1935, Waco introduced its Custom Cabin series featuring a sesquiplane (the lower wing is significantly smaller than the upper) layout. The "YKC" is one of these "Custom" class airplanes, powered by a 225 hp engine. 60 of these airpanes were built.

Here is a video of the WACO "YKC" Cabin Biplane:

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