Model Airplane News
November, 1966

Model Airplane News Cover for November, 1966 by Jo Kotula Fairey F.128 (N.10/FIII)

Fairey F.128 (N.10/FIII)
Model Airplane News Cover Art for November, 1966
by Jo Kotula
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The prototype of the Fairey III was the N.10 floatplane, which was designed and built in 1917 by Fairey Aviation to meet an Admiralty Specification for a carrier-based seaplane N.10, also known by its constructer's number F.128, was a two-seat biplane with folding wings. It first flew from the Port Victoria seaplane station on the Isle of Grain, Kent in September 1917.

 The Fairey F.128 (N.10/FIII)    The Fairey F.128 (N.10/FIII)      The Fairey F.128 (N.10/FIII)

Fairey F.128 (N.10/FIII)
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The Fairey IIIA was a reconnaissance aircraft intended to operate from aircraft carriers, and as such was fitted with a wheeled or skid undercarriage The IIIB was intended as a floatplane bomber, with larger span upper wings and a bombload of three 230 lb bombs. A third version, the Fairey IIIC was powered by the much more powerful and reliable 375 hp Rolls-Royce engine. The Fairey FIII remained in service during the interwar period and some saw service at the beginning of World War II.

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